Monday, June 20, 2016


Meet Me In The Morning

I've been seeing quite a few Starbucks and Cafe Nero's opening up around Dublin in the last few months and whilst I am not a complete coffee snob and appreciate their place in the coffee/cafe world - I am always excited to see a new independent cafe open up. Meet Me In The Morning is a beautiful little spot just off Camden Street that I've been visiting quite a bit recently and I've been loving what Brian O' Keefe has been doing so far since he's opened. Expect delicious vegetarian based dishes and a selection of coffee's from around the world including Hexagone Coffee from Paris or Gardelli from Italy.


Having just moved out of Dublin 6 into The Liberties, I'm really, really missing my trips to what was my newest local, Fia. With the amazing Aisling McHugh on front of house (she was an absolute superstar in Bibi's in Portobello before Fia), to Johnny Northcutt working his magic on the coffee machine and Keith Coleman creating some of the best breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes in Dublin - its one of the best cafes to open up since I've moved home from Melbourne. Its polished, its comfortable and its the kind of cafe that keeps me wanting to come back for more and more. Now if I can just grab myself a day off soon - you'll know where to find me.

Sprout & Co. Kitchen

I've been a huge fan of Sprout & Co. since the minute I got off that plan from Melbourne. I spent so much of my monthly pay checks in Pressed Juices in Melbourne that I was desperate to find the best cold pressed juice in Dublin and with Sprout & Co. you can't get any better in my opinion. Their new cafe is so good that it attracts a mass following that's clearly evident during every trip I've taken there. Great coffee, great food, sensational treats from NutShed and with their nutrient dense juices and smoothies - this is somewhere I wish I could visit EVERY day.

Roasted Brown

Roasted Brown is without doubt one of my favourite spots in town for grabbing a quick coffee. The space itself is so airy and light filled that its just a pleasure to sit there, read a book or just watch the world go by down below. There is always a great buzz in the cafe and they do some cracking sandwiches too during the week. Truthfully we need more amazing spaces like this in the city centre.


I don't venture too much towards Ballsbridge these days now that I'm living in Dublin 8, but I do love dropping into Eathos whenever I get the chance. The team there are fantastic and the food is always great. Whenever I've built up the courage to walk past the sweet treats and not order one - I opt for the smoothie bowl which is delicious. It reminds me of one I used to have in this cafe on the Gold Coast in Australia every time I visited. Coffee from 3fe is prepared exceptionally well too and the cafe itself is bright, airy and has a great atmosphere.


I've been visiting Cocu a lot over the last few months for their Middle Eastern Chicken salad and healthy treats. These guys are committed to creating the healthiest treats possible and that's evident in owner Emilia's Snapchats every week. They've got two locations at the moment - one on Baggot Street and the other on Hatch Street (just behind The Odeon) so your never too far from them if your around the D2, 4, 6 or 8 parts of town.

Gaillot et Gray

I've tried some amazing pizzas over the last few months and truth be told there are a lot great places for pizza in Dublin at the moment. One of the best places I've tried recently is Gaillot et Gray in Harold's Cross. It's a great little spot for a midweek after work dinner treat and what's great too is that you can bring your own booze (for the time being I believe). Make sure to check them out too during the early morning for their incredible breads and pastries. They're incredible.

Proper Order Coffee Co.

Having just moved to The Liberties recently, I'm a short distance from the wonderful Proper boys and their beautiful spot in Smithfield. Serving some superb coffees from UK based roaster Square Mile - these guys also do a special latte each week which I love trying.

Arran St East

Arran St East a beautiful brand that is creating some exceptionally beautiful pottery here in Dublin. Recently opening a space in Smithfield, I ventured up to check out the studio and instantly wanted several of their pieces. Championed by the likes of Makers & Brothers and Industry on Drury Street - these guys are making waves around the world.

Until next time folks....

Saturday, June 11, 2016


So there I was a few months back, making Wintour&Guinness a public blog again; thinking to myself that I'll give this blogging thing another go. Things had become so hectic over the last six months that the blog really took a back seat to the planning for my new cafe TWO|BOYS|BREW that I rarely found the time or energy to write. However over the last few months I have been thinking to myself that Dublin has really grown on me immensely. It's crazy to think that its been nearly a year and a half since I moved back to these shores, but honestly hand on heart - its only been in the last six months that I've really begun to love living back in Dublin. It began with reading an Australian Gourmet Traveller piece on Dublin, hitting all the spots its writer recommended and then reading and reading the same kind of articles by other Dublin based creatives that intrigued me. What's surprised me over the last six months, is that I wander, and when I say that I mean I wander this city ALOT. I like to know whats happening in this city and I like to share all these great things with my friends - whether face to face or through social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. Wintour&Guinness is just another forum for me to share these finds and what's so wonderful about this platform is that its one hundred percent positive. Its not for me to criticise or throw shade on anything or anyone - its my space to share the things I love. Its that simple. 

So lets get started I guess. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Over the last few years as I’ve travelled to the other side of the world and back, there has always been one thing in particular that’s been a constant in my life; an insatiable appetite for food. Its been both a blessing and more so a curse for as long as I can remember and over the last twelve months since I returned to Ireland I’ve watched myself slip further and further into a hole that has lead me to feel, well not quite the person I want to be. You see if we go back, way way back to when I was 17 or 18, I was severely overweight. I was teased, constantly for how I looked and it was only when I left to go to college that I reached a weight that I was happy with. It wasn’t a miracle of sorts but rather a strenuous task that took over a year to achieve. I would go to school, go to the gym for 3 or 4 hours, head home and head straight to bed after a quick bite to eat. It was a routine that I followed for a few years and when I finished college – the routine ceased to occur. It wasn’t intentional; it was just that life got in the way. My new sense of adulthood and freedom meant that I was out meeting new people, going on dates and my addiction to food resurfaced. Over the last ten years I have seen myself slip further and further away from the person I wanted to be, and when I say this I mean it from the point of view of how I look on the outside. On the inside I have grown, more and more into the person I want to be; but at this point in my life the outside and the inside don’t connect. For Wintour&Guinness, what was meant to be just a casual blog sharing my latest foodie finds or my favorite magazine cover has now become I fear obsolete in my current day to day life. Talking about food is something I am very good at. I’ve become quite the “go to person” for people seeking a recommendation, even in the short time I’ve been back in Ireland and it’s at this moment in time that I feel enough is really enough. I feel its time to get back to that person I was so happy to be and I want to share with everyone my journey, going from where I am now to where I want to be. There’s a food revolution happening in Dublin and I intend to get smack bang in the middle of it. I want to seek out those that are trying to bring something new & healthy to this city and I want to find the people, places and tools I need to help get me to the place I so desperately want to be. So I hope you join me, share with me your own stories and fingers crossed with the New Year creeping upon us that each and every one of us reaches that place where we feel our best.


Monday, November 9, 2015


Time can go by so quickly when you take your eye off the ball. Its been quite a while since I last blogged and it doesn’t bother me that I haven’t written anything for quite some time. Sometimes you need that time off to recharge the batteries, get out there amongst the crowd and explore your surroundings. 

Over the last few months, I’ve slowly developed a fondness for Dublin that didn’t immediately come about when I moved back last Decembver. Living in Australia for four years, it’s taken nearly a year to just come to terms with the fact that I’m back living in Ireland and will be for the foreseeable future. Melbourne’s strengths plagued me for so long but now the strengths of Dublin are starting to catch up and there are times when I walk through the streets of certain areas and I think to myself Damn this is one amazing place, you’re lucky to have the chance to live in such a place, especially when so many people don’t have the opportunity to stay here for good.

One of the best things about getting out and about is seeing all the amazing shops that currently exist and those that are opening up. One such place that I’ve really taken a shine too is DeSelby’s on Camden Street. I had been walking up and down Camden Street for a few months, watching the works taking place on the building and wondered to myself what exactly was happening behind those closed doors. What opened is something quite different to what’s already on the Dublin food scene and for me that’s rather exciting. The beautiful exterior façade, with its mixture of stained and clear glass windows creates a great mood when you’re sitting inside, the light accentuating various elements of the beautiful interior. I happened to have a free morning recently, and having grabbed a few new magazines in a nearby newsagents; I decided to go it a go.

Serving Roasted Brown coffee, I ordered a flat white and what arrived was absolutely delicious. It hit the spot perfectly. Looking through the menu, there was a multitude of dishes I would have loved to have tasted, however the one that really grabbed me was the Ham Hock & Manchego Cheese toasted sandwich. Served on brioche bread, the meat was so succulent and full of flavour. Paired with the Manchego cheese, it was a rather rich dish, not one you would have everyday; but a definite showstopper. Other dishes that tempted me included the fresh crabmeat with lemon & basil, the pan-fried fish sandwich with pea & lemon and the Toulouse sausage bun with caramelized onion. The menu also extends to a number of flatbreads, which sounded delicious; as well as a number of pastries (including an incredible cinnamon swirl which I’ve seen across various social media platforms recently).

The café I believe has started to open in the evenings serving a vast selection of wines, a number of tasty dishes (such as a tuna tartare) and brunch at the weekends. It certainly gets my tick of approval and I look forward to visiting them again in the next few weeks. 

No. 9 Camden Street Lower
Dublin 8
Twitter: @DeSelbys9
Facebook: DeSelbys 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Since returning to Ireland, I've really kept my eye open for exceptional Irish talent. Such talent, can fall into any of the many categories that I write about such as fashion, food, travel etc. and I made a pact with myself to support Irish talent as much as I could through Wintour&Guinness. Now, I am not suggesting for one second that W&G is going to make or break someone but I do hope that this platform will bring to light some exceptional Irish talent to a handful of people that may not have heard of these people prior. Conor Merriman is one such person that I have had my eye on for quite some time and I can't believe I am only getting around to writing about him now. Currently in his final year of Visual Communications in NCAD, he has been bouncing from his role as student to that of being one of Ireland's leading Fashion Illustrators. Just recently Merriman collaborated with Colin Horgan on Horgan's latest collection entitled #DRIFTAW16 and the final illustrations are incredible. Check out two of the illustrations below and make sure to click through to Merriman's website here which showcases more of his incredible work. 


When I lived in Melbourne, I was really lucky to have had an apartment right next to the beach in Port Melbourne. It was a fantastic suburb to have lived in for four years and one of the best things about the area was the ease in which it took to get a great coffee. Places such as Seven:am, Balderdash and the French inspired patisserie Noisette were all next to our apartment, or a short stroll away and when you wake up on a weekend morning and desperately need a coffee; you don’t want to be having to venture far or even contemplate grabbing the car keys. That’s why when we moved home, we both decided that it was essential that we moved into an area that had everything we needed conveniently; especially a place serving great coffee. 

The first coffee shop that we happened to visit when we moved back to Ireland was Two Fifty Square Coffee and coincidentally its right next to where we currently live. I mean it’s a five-minute journey from my bed to the cafe and back. Could you think of anything better when it’s a cold autumnal day? The coffee itself is the winner here, its got great flavour and their baristas really know what they’re doing. Part of the enjoyment for me when grabbing a coffee is seeing the passion that goes into each and every cup and you certainly see that when watching the baristas here.

Food-wise, I have to be honest I've only tried the Baked Spanish Eggs (several times I might add) which are pictured above. For me its quite hard to find a really good baked eggs in Dublin as most don't really stick to the traditional method of cracking the eggs into the dish and popping it in the oven (a few places poach their eggs, place them on top of the sauce, crumble some cheese and bake for a few minutes). These guys do, and what you're presented with is a deliciously mild chorizo and tomato stew with two perfectly cooked eggs; which have a nice runny yolk perfect for dipping your bread into. Along with a smooth avocado mash and some sour cream, the only thing the dish really lacks is a decent slice of toasted bread if I'm being honest. What is usually presented is quite bland, cold and something like a tangy sourdough would be perfect for a dish like this. Just a thought!

Overall I think Two Fifty Square is one of the leaders when it comes to coffee in the Rathmines area  (and in Dublin too!) and it should definitely be on your list of places to check out during your next coffee crawl around Dublin. 

For more information make sure to check out Two Fifty Squares Facebook and Instagram

Friday, September 18, 2015


Over the last few weeks I’ve been coming across, more and more; a myriad of places within the North that remind me of my café trails during my time in Melbourne. Who knew, but Northern Ireland has become my favourite place to go since I moved back to Ireland.  Since my last trip there a few weeks back, Kevin and I have come across several amazing cafes, dotted around the North that have really intrigued us. So grabbing a few days off, securing a car for those few days and booking some last minute accommodation; we made our list of cafes and eateries to visit and headed off. 

Our first port of call after staying the night in Belfast City was EstablishedCoffee, which I wrote about quite recently. As I mentioned before, up north; the guys at Established are leading the way in terms of coffee, café design and food. They have clearly invested a lot of time, effort and coin into the café and it shows. We started the morning off with a selection of coffees including filter and a standard flat white. Both went down a treat and whilst we really wanted another round, we both had to think about the impending coffee tour we were about to go on and the amount of coffee we were potentially going to drink over the next two days. 
I wasn’t too hungry at the time but Kevin ordered the poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast with roast tomato. I had strong hopes to keep to my healthy eating regime over the weekend, which meant that I had to summon all my strength not to order the Mast Brothers chocolate waffles that was a brunch special that weekend. A friend of mine in Melbourne, June; had been to NYC recently and brought Mast Brothers to my attention and it was great to finally see the product in person. 

Next on the tour, we stopped at Kaffe O. A Nordic inspired local cafe that specialises in Danish  influenced cuisine using fantastic produce from local suppliers. Having read some of the back story behind the cafe, it was set up by a former lawyer who, after some healths issues decided to pour herself into her passion for coffee and bring some of the love she had for Copenhagen back to her hometown of Belfast. Whilst Kevin has eaten in Established, I decided to grab something to eat here, opting for the boiled eggs with rye toast. 
Its hard, if I'm being honest; to critique boiled eggs and rye toast. Its exactly what it says on the tin. Alongside our coffees (I, a latte and Kevin and espresso) I ordered a juice. Called the Docs Away, the juice contained carrot, apple and ginger. It was delicious and had that kick that I love; thanks to the ginger. The coffee beans are supplied via Ricco's Kaffe in Copenhagen. If being honest, the biggest let down for us at Kaffe O was the coffee itself. The milk was so hot that it took a considerable amount of time to let it cool down and I couldn't get enough of a coffee taste to appreciate the roast. Kevin's espresso, was equally disappointing and he found it particularly bitter. Nonetheless, Kaffe O was bustling and extremely popular with the locals. It had a great community spirit to it and the staff were lovely to deal with. 
We made our way through Ballymena on our way towards Portstewert and stopped at Follow Coffee. Having followed them on Instagram, we were eager to check this place out and see it in the flesh. Tucked down one of the pedestrian shopping streets, the café was designed by Terry Design and looked sensational, although I could say it was so polished it kind of lacked the cool factor that somewhere like Established or Lost & Found possessed. What they do possess however is the most charming manager, who took the time to chat with us about the space and the story behind the café.  It was a delight to speak to her and with another speciality coffee spot opening in Ballymena, Middletown Coffee Co. in the next few months; Ballymena is going to be one spot every coffee enthusiast will have to visit.
That evening we made our way to Portstewert to check out the very special Harry's Shack. I had heard about this “shack” courtesy of Imen McDonnell, the writer of one of my favourite Irish based blogs Farmette. One look through @modernfarmette on Instagram and you will instantly want to be transported to McDonnell’s kitchen in County Limerick. The food she posts is incredible and this is one woman who knows a thing or two about good food and I would take her recommendations very seriously. We made our way to Harry's quite early in the evening. We were encouraged to make a booking and we did so for six thirty that evening. We arrived a little earlier than that but the lovely team there where happy to accommodate us. Our server that evening was a lovely young lady (apologies I cannot recall her name) and when I say this girl was “on the ball” and looked after us extremely well; I ain’t joking. This place is well known for its incredible array of fresh seafood and why wouldn’t it be: its sitting on the beach for heavens sake. Kevin started off with the whitebait while I ordered the mussels. The whitebait was incredibly fresh but it lacked the crispiness that both Kevin and I had hoped for. My mussels on the other hand were sensational. Plump, perfectly cooked and sitting in a broth so full of flavour, I actually had to stop myself from eating the rest of it with a spoon.
For mains, I ordered the Fish & Chips, while Kevin ordered the Hake. The Fish & Chips were amazing. The fish was so fresh that it flaked with the slightest touch of the fork and the chips were just how you want them; crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and with little peeks of skin here and there (always a winner for me). The star of my dish however was the mushy peas. Had they been sold as a side dish, I would have ordered a second serving. Kevin’s Hake was superb. The “stew” it sat upon was full of baby potato’s, chorizo and enveloped in a deep rich tomato sauce.  In addition to this, Kevin ordered a side of chips and a portion of their incredible onion rings.

We wanted to order desert, however we physically couldn’t find the space after two sensational courses. There was a great atmosphere in the ‘shack’ and with a BYOB policy and the amazing food on offer; I would highly recommend a trip there. We finished our evening in Portstewert with a walk along the coastline back to the main part of town which we jokingly referred to it as the Bondi to Bronte walk.
Waking up to another fresh autumnal day, we had been sent a recommendation by our friend Conor (who is an incredible Barista in Dublin) to visit Babushka Kitchen Café in Portrush. Situated next to Portstewert, the town of Portrush is a short drive away and in summer time would be the perfect place for a seaside weekend away. Babushka Kitchen Café sits next to the water and is the picture of perfection. We arrived quite early in the day as we had a long drive back to Drogheda later that day; perfect for breakfast and we started the day with some flat whites using Workshop coffee (having been a huge fan of St. Ali in Melbourne I was eager to check out these guys beans) and the avocado breakfast.  
The dish came with toasted sourdough, smashed avocado and two beautifully poached eggs. The dish was simple, but perfectly executed. The avocado mash had a beautiful hint of lemon, which brought a freshness to the dish and it was just the thing to start us up for the long day ahead. The place itself was extremely cute. What it lacked in size, it more than made up for with passion, character and imagination. 
Hopping in the car, we made our way towards Ballymena once again to check out the guys at Refinery Coffee. Part of the Green Pastures church, we were blown away by the character and passion housed within the café. What they did with the space was fantastic and knowing that an Aussie was behind managing the place, you could definitely see the Australian influences here and there. We only stopped to grab a coffee (Workshop coffee again), but had we been hungry we both would have been eager to grab something there as the menu sounded fantastic and seeing the food being prepared fresh on-site was great to see (also they make some insane looking pancakes). Definitely one to check out if in the Ballymena area (alongside Follow Coffee).
We had originally decided to venture north to visit Haptik in Newtownards and Lost& Found in Coleraine, however neither Kevin nor myself checked their opening times and it turned out neither opened Sundays or Mondays which was a shame as they both looked incredible. Leaving us some time to check out other hot spots, we came across 5A Coffee in Belfast. We had driven past the café the day prior and it was packed with customers looking for their Sunday Brunch.  Arriving just after the mad lunchtime rush, we grabbed a table and ordered some iced teas; eager to give our over caffeinated bodies a rest. Alongside these, we ordered two toasted focaccias to share. The first of which was chicken, avocado, sundried tomato and basil aioli. The second was the vegetarian option and whilst it was still delicious; it didn’t compare to the deliciousness of the chicken option. The café was small in size but had a great atmosphere and the staff were delightful.  
Unable to take my eyes off the array of sweet treats they had on offer, we picked up a white chocolate Blondie, salted caramel brownie and a peanut butter and dark chocolate ball for the trip home. Let me state that I have never tasted anything quite like this Blondie in my life. Incredibly rich and buttery; I am surprised I didn’t fall to the ground with a sugar overdose it was that sweet. But hey, that’s what sweet treats are for aren’t they? Driving through the south part of Belfast, I was given a glimpse of the city that I had never seen and I have to say, it made me love Belfast even more than I initially did. The houses, the tree-lined streets, the southern suburbs of Belfast are incredible and it was a great way to finish off our few days up north. 

Had you asked me this time last year, living in Melbourne; where would you find the best cafes in Ireland; I probably wouldn’t have said Northern Ireland. Take it from me, it’s the place to visit for any coffee enthusiasts out there.

P.S. If anyone is keen to share their favourite Northern Ireland hot spots with me, make sure to send me a message via Instagram or in a comment below. 


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