Thursday, September 29, 2011

W&G Fashion: The Art Of Sydney Street Style

Over the last few months, its become very apparent to me that despite the huge concept of this Melbourne - Sydney rivalry - both cities to some extent (maybe Melbourne more) are adhering to this weird sense of vintage obsessed dressing. Its a style that wouldn't be to far removed from the likes of Susie Bubble and quite frankly for me - I just don't like it. There has always been this idea that, hey if i dress in this and put it with that and hey look like a mish mash of vintage this and vintage that I'll stand out of the crowd and look very individual and stylish. But for me it creates the opposite effect and well I am starting to yearn for the real Australian aesthetic. I want to see what defines them as a nation and living in Melbourne I don't really see anything which gives Australians there own identity. Its very much East London meets Spitlefields. Sydney for me is far more stylish and maybe its for the sunshine, the bright colors, the pastel/sorbet shades and the easy casualness of the clothes but Melbourne can be fiercely try hard in its wanting to be taken seriously as a style capital and realistically despite all its "best city to live in" or "the food/clothes capital of the country" it will never be as iconic as Sydney, a city which for me has all that Melbourne has to offer but on a larger, glossier scale. Over the last few months I have become a huge fan of Lee Oliveira's blog Lee Oliveira Street Style and to give you a little glimpse of the mans work check some of my highlights from the streets of Sydney below and also after another essential Sydney street style blog to check out. 


Another blog I am loving at the moment which chronicles the best of Sydney street style is On The Streets Of Sydney which like Lee's blog above shows me all that I feel represents Australian style.



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