Saturday, October 8, 2011

W&G Fashion: Returning To The Past With Matthew Williamson For Bvlgari

So much of fashion today is always looking forward and for that new exciting brand or piece and its somewhat of a crime to even consider looking back but every so often I look through the W&G magazine collection and stumble across something which catches my eye once again. This week I came across the vibrant collection Matthew Williamson produced under the Bvlgari brand which I came across in an old issue of Australian Harpers Bazaar.

You wouldn't expect anything less than uplifting colour and graphic patterns from Matthew Williamson and what with its mix of electrifying shades, geometrical shapes and punchy prints inspired by the facets of precious stones - this range was the perfect piece for dressing up a simple outfit.

The collection had four bag styles in calf leather, embossed with hexagons (a significant Bvlgari motif) , minaudieres and shopper totes featuring kaleidoscopic patterns - all inspired by the radiance of Bvlgari stones. The collection hit the shelves earlier this year and no doubt having been a huge success another collection should clearly be making its way soon.   


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