Saturday, October 1, 2011

W&G Fashion: Vogue Australia Victoria Beckham Runway Review Video

P.S. I decided to put this video up since over the last few weeks since the show I have had several people question the validity and capability of the designer and whether this brand was really as respected as its made out to be. As a fan of Victoria I have loved pretty much every piece that's been produced - I detest the Victoria by Victoria Beckham line just to prove I can swing both ways with VB. Granted there have been pieces I would not have released but overall its a brand that can stand proudly alongside the likes of The Row, Tom Ford and Diane Von Furstenburg etc etc. To those still banging on that she isn't a real designer, time to just accept that she is accepted by the fashion industry and her recent show was one of the main highlights for many top fashion critics.


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