Saturday, October 8, 2011

W&G Life: Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned ...............(the post where I start to think about this whole idea of positive thinking)

Life is a funny thing. It's strange...but oh so funny sometimes. A good friend of mine Sam has been recently sending me snippets from the book The Secret. The main idea within the book is that to really get anywhere in this life you need to react to life and operate with a positive outlook . Put out into the world what it is you want and be positive that it will happen. It's basically the same as the law of attraction (which is terribly long to go through) and its had me thinking quite a lot recently.

Thou Shalt Be Happy........
Its hard to do that sometimes - life can be tough and that goes for everyone. I am sure there are those that read this blog (i.e. read all the greats parts of my life) and think life in Melbourne is a bed of roses. But truth be told times can be tough and getting yourself set up in a completely new country takes times and oh yeah....a positive outlook on life. I've had moments of zero positivity since getting here and believe me its easier to lie on the floor and wallow in self pity but there are those times that you look out the window or sit having a coffee in your favorite cafe or in the sunshine and think hey life is pretty good. I mean...of course it is. But there are times like today for example where you think that you are invincible and nothing can stop you and bamn life gives you something good. Staying positive is the key. 

Thou Shalt Not Be Led Into Temptation (by deliciously bad food).......
Summer is here and the sun is finally out. That can only mean one thing....flesh is going to be on display. And by the looks of things it wont be any flesh of mine. Today however I had a little bolt of inspiration and the summer beach body project begins tomorrow. Yes I know its the tenth day one this year but it is, trust me on this one. I'm committed now to doing something positive with my health and fitness. Keep checking back for regular posts about this little project of mine.

Thou Shalt Not Think Negative Thoughts.........
There has been alot of lovely things happening lately and one of these has been my good friend Eilis moving down from Sydney. Its always a gamble moving somewhere new but I just know that she is going to really love it down here. We have so much planned with summer coming such as the Races, Summerdayze and our first Aussie Xmas. That will surely be something.

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery....
Yes I am having a love affair with three very handsome men but its purely for their taste in clothes. I've been looking for inspiration for my wardrobe (and if the heat of this ordinary October day is anything to go by then shorts and t-shirts are the only things one will need for the summer) But there have been three guys whose style has really stood out over the last few months. And those three guys would be Jeremiah Brent from The Rachel Zoe Project, Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea and Ryan Gosling from the current smash hit Crazy Stupid Love. The fitted shirts, the shoes, the tailoring.......the good bodies that the clothes sit on. Lets be honest its the man that makes the clothes. For summer I'll be looking to invest in a pair of Tod's, several well fitted shorts from Zara and some delicious navy v-neck tops for casual days out and about. Who are you're style inspirations this summer?

Thou Shalt Appreciate Ones Life At All Times.........
Another of my personal sins is not appreciating what I have in my life right now. Melbourne is quite possibly one of finest cities to be living in and from time to time I need to stop and tap myself on the head and remember how lucky I am to be here in this city and lucky to be here with someone amazing. So with that here are my top five things to do in Melbourne. Places and activities that make me happy and bring a little positivity into my life.

(1) Brunch at the many excellent cafes and restaurants that are scattered around Melbourne...such as Chez Dre in South Melbourne, My Sister Says in Port Melbourne, Nshry in Albert Park and Dukes on Chapel Street.

(2) Cycling or running along the beach road promenade or around the lake in Albert Park. This is fantastic to do on a Sat/Sunday morning or afternoon as there are so many people out running that it gives you a little nudge to work a little harder.

(3) Going shopping in the heart of the CBD at Zara/Myers/David Jones/Mecca Cosmetics/Kit, at Westfield Doncaster, Chadstone Shopping Centre or along boutique lined streets such as Armadale's High Street, South Yarra or Chapel Street. Wandering along Collins Street.....the Paris end of course. Looking around all the amazing stores such as Chanel, Bvlgari, MaxMara, Bally and Louis Vuitton and after popping into the beautiful Hyatt Hotel Melbourne or Starbucks for a quick coffee or beverage.

(4) Day trips and weekends away from the city to travel along the coast to places such as Lorne and beyond to see stunning scenery and landmarks such as the Twelve Apostles.

(5) Relaxing in a comfy armchair at Mag Nation with a coffee from Sensory Lab or Starbucks and reading every international magazine you can think of. Vogue Australia, GQ Australia, Harper's Bazaar Australia, Grazia Australia and Vanity Fair are just some of the titles I love to read through there - its the perfect lazy afternoon.

Til next time folks, T


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