Friday, November 25, 2011

Wintour&Guinness: The Curious Case Of The Missing Carine Roitfeld Books.

Oh yes you gotta love Amazon, the uber giant online retailer. After purchasing my copy of Carine Roitfeld's Irreverent on the 3rd of November (a whole 23 days ago) and waiting for the dispatch email to confirm its shipping - I recieved a lovely email from the folks at Amazon this week to tell me that the book was now unavailable dispite being in stock when I bought it back on the 3rd November and they advised I'd be best to look elsewhere..WTF.....

Yes I was screaming that in my head for a good two hours.....WTF. From the first moment of hearing about this book I knew I had to have it and as Australia is known for its extremely expensive book prices...I quickly ordered it the minute I could on the British Amazon website. To add to my dissappointment I was out alot of sunday writing, meeting friends, drinking copious amounts of coffee and reading the weekend papers, Elle USA, British Tatlers Christmas Issue and I was delighted to see Carine featured in the Age's magazines (this is one of those weekend newspaper magazine supplements - similar to Style)

It was a fantastic interview and although I do love Carine she does seem to contradict herself quite alot in Interviews. One example was she doesnt like to promote smoking...... although several covers and pieces in Vogue Paris in the past have featured models smoking. Hummmm

I've posted a few of the quotes/photos from the piece and in a beautiful email from the people at Amazon this weekend, they now have my book in stock and I look forward to it arriving sometime in the next twelve months....have a great weekend guys. T


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