Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wintour&Guinness Fashion: Let Me Introduce You To Megan Hess: Australia's Most Successful Fashion Illustrator

One of the perks for living in such a vibrant city such as Melbourne, is the opportunity to come across some amazing new artists such as Megan Hess. Hess is a huge artist in Australia and all over the world in fact and it just so happens that she lives just around the corner from my little pied a terre here in Port Melbourne.

Hess's signature style of illustration includes willowy models in elegant poses and draped in clothes that wouldn't be far from the designs of the brands she collaborates with such as Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Fendi and Christian Dior to name but a few.

Currently Hess is showing her current collection of pieces, along with some of her most high profile client work at Chadstone Shopping Centre here in Melbourne. Its a huge compliment to Hess as the only other artist invited to display there work at Chadstone was David Downton, whom to many is the biggest fashion illustrator working today.

To see much more from Hess and to get in contact about private commissions make sure to check out her very swanky website here


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