Friday, January 6, 2012

Wintour&Guinness Food: From Windsor To South Yarra...Tasty Treats Along Chapel Street

From all this talk of Chapel Street, you must all think I spend my life there. Truthfully i don't get there enough for my liking, there are some of the best cafes and shops to be found in Melbourne along Chapel St and two of the places I have been to recently have been Tasti D-Lite and San Churro Chocolateria. Both totally different and at opposite ends of the food spectrum, San Churro is a Spanish inspired chocolate lovers dream. A few weeks ago after having dinner with some friends, we all ended up in San Churro dipping freshly cooked churros into a Spanish style caramel sauce. The churros were thin and crispy whilst the caramel was rich, thick and so so more-ish. I also tried their chilli hot chocolate that night and boy was I in for a treat. Rich, thick and smooth, the velvety texture of the hot chocolate was perfectly balanced by the sharp heat of the chilli. After having dinner and some of the churro's with caramel, I'm afraid I wasn't able to finish it. This is very unlike me but I just couldn't handle it. This has had to be the richest hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Perfect for those cold winter-y Melbourne nights.

The other spot I ventured to recently was the widely successful American chain Tasti D-Lite, famous for its frozen yogurt which is both extremely low in calories and comes in over 100 flavours. The chain has various locations in the US but Chapel Street is its first location within Australia and like Topshop/Topman, the company chose Chapel Street as its famous all over the country for its amazing shopping and cafe culture. For a peanut butter lover like me I was in heaven, peanut butter batter, peanut butter cup, peanut butter and banana...I'm sure you get the point. Most of the single serves come in at around 70-150 calories per serve and that's something you wont be able to wrap your head around once you taste it. Its de-li-cous.


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