Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wintour&Guinness Lifestyle: A Little Chocolate Coma At Koko Black

After a hugely enjoyable yet crazy busy week at work I thought it only fit to chill out and really take a long deep breath before the craziness of the weekend began. For me a trip to Mag Nation is a always welcome. It's a mecca for magazine nerds like myself. But if like me you can't read a magazine without a large yummy hot beverage - than a trip to Koko Black is needed badly.

You would not believe the stick I get living in Melbourne for liking and drinking Starbucks. Whereas back home our coffee culture is minute - here in Melbourne, where you drink coffee and what coffee you drink clearly defines who you are. Liking Starbucks is a sin in this city and well as I've always said to people, I dance to my own beat and I don't give a shit what people think. I like Starbucks, I find it a nice treat throughout the week. However one thing within Starbucks I don't really have a liking for is their hot chocolate. It's a little weak for me and I much prefer something with a little body and soul. And that's where Koko Black comes in.

A chocolate loving friend of mine recently suggested I try it and boy where they right. This is the ultimate hot chocolate. The only place to get hot chocolate and well if you haven't been already - you really need to get down there as soon as possible. Seriously.


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