Friday, March 16, 2012

Wintour&Guinness Dining: The Waiting Room By Neil Perry At Crown Towers Hotel

Since you only get one birthday a year, I believe it should be thoroughly enjoyable but what if that special someone deserves an extra little birthday treat. What do you do? Well if you are looking for a little bit of opulence there is a number of places in Melbourne - however a little while back I decided to take my birthday boy to Neil Perry's The Waiting Room. The Waiting Room is located adjacent to to the foyer of Crown Towers, the ultra trendy (and expensive) hotel located within the vast Crown Casino complex. The hotel and the venue itself is the epitome of luxe dining and guests are treated like royalty. Sipping on Bellini's and Gin & Tonic Gimlets, we grazed on delicious meat platters, soft tortilla tacos and Neil Perry's American masterpiece that is the ultimate cheeseburger. As I said service at the Waiting Room is outstanding and I cant wait to return for another taste of Neil Perry's love affair with the USA.


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