Monday, April 30, 2012

Wintour&Guinness Food: Look South Of Johnston And Your Heading For The Top.......

During the week I happened to bump into a colleague from the office on the way to work. Accompanied by her partner, the three of us instantly started talking about my favourite topic of conversation; restaurants, bars and cafe around Melbourne. I've been very vocal lately about my liking Mart 130 in Melbourne's affluent suburb of Middle Park, south of the city and imagine being told that the one of the guys who made that place come alive opened another cafe in the up and coming cafe area of Collingwood.

I haven't been to a place in a very long time where Kevin or I have sat there in shock, awe or surprise. Before reaching South Of Johnston, we had already passed a packed to the brim cafe near Smith Street, where people were spilling out from every corner and Kevin was adamant he wanted to go somewhere with a bit of life in it; similar to that cafe.

We arrived outside South Of Johnston and we could hear the hustle and bustle inside and I kind of knew instantly that this place was special. I haven't felt that way for a long time, not since I first visited Truman's in Albert Park a few weeks back. One only has to look at the photos accompanying this piece to see the effort and passion that went into it. We were greeted instantly by Stuart. the owner and were brought to a communal table to look over the menu whilst a more intimate table was to become free. The menu is in one word, amazing. I haven't seen a menu as elaborate or as well executed at this in a very long time. I am not joking when I tell you it took me nearly 20 minutes to decided what to order and even when the waiter came to take our order I was still undecided.. the menu was that good.

I opted for the chorizo eggs and this delivered big time. A vast mound of chorizo lay on top of beautifully toasted multi grain bread, olive and napoli ragu and was topped with two plump jewels and lashing of hollandaise sauce. I couldn't faulty it and I ate every single piece of it. Kevin ordered the special omellete which featured rocket, red onion, goats cheese and chorizo. He devoured every single piece as well. My only gripe was (and this goes for the majority of Melbourne cafes) was the temperature of the coffees. A little cold for my liking. I like em hot and I'll just make sure to ask for them hot the next time. And their will be a next time. And a time after that. This place is that good.

South Of Johnston, 46 Oxford Street, Collingwood.


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