Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wintour&Guinness: I Dont Do Midweek But For Mr Big And NYC I Think I May

Midweek events are not really my thing. Call me boring but after a long day in the office all I wanna do is head home, throw my "me scruffs" as Cheryl would say, pull together something that resembles a healthy-ish homecooked meal and chill out. But when there is something so good you cant miss it then one really must make the effort and drag their tired sorry ass there and participate.

oOh! Media are a huge outdoor media company here in Australia and recently they unveiled a major competition for a handful of lucky winners to travel to NYC and go to dinner with Mr. Big himself Chris Noth (who happens to be the face of this competition). After several weeks posting pictures and comments on their facebook page the lucky winners were announced last week at a special NYC themed event at Honey Bar in South Melbourne. I hadnt been to Honey before and after hearing about from several people I was looking forward to checking it out.

We arrived to find a large crowd already there and with an open bar for the majority of the night, I could understand the vast sea of over confident media planners, buyers, PR exec's and "creative types". The party celebrated the best of NYC and featured an amazing assortment of party food such as individual nachos, mini New York style pizza slices, hot dogs and mini vegitarian burgers. 

It was a fantastic night but unfortunately I didnt win one of the coveted spots to NYC. Some say it was a fix, some say bad luck I just think my time will come and when it does I'm gonna win big......


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