Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wintour&Guinness: Up, Up & Away Into The Melbourne Sky With Helicopter Ride Around The City

Last week I was asked if I wanted to go on a helicopter ride around the city by one of the girls in the office. It was a generous offer by the Australian Traffic Network and of course I said yes straight away. I am never one to pass up an opportunity and well offers like these don't exactly come up every day. Cut to the morning of the helicopter ride and I awoke at 4am thinking to myself, what the hell have I let myself in for. I seriously was shaking with the fear of the friggan thing falling from the sky but I kept my cool and just went with it.

I arrived at my office at 7am and was due to be picked up by one of the ATN girls at 7.45am. Clutching a venti coffee, I threw that down my throat hoping the caffeine would bring me out of my slumbering daze. We were picked up by Suzie, a lovely member of the ATN team and drove out to Essendon Airport which is maybe 25mins from the heart of the city. The minute we arrived we could see this ''thing'' which looked more like a little orange toy than a helicopter and the nerves resurfaced. Hello Melbourne skyline.

Suffice to say, all went well in the end and its was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to everyone. I mean you just have to take a look at the photos to see how amazing it was. Thanks to ATN and to Suzie who was lovely enough to drive us there (and back to the office all before 10am)

Trip & Transportation courtesy of the lovely guys at the Australian Traffic Network.


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