Thursday, May 24, 2012


Weekends were surely made for exploring. They really were. Not to long ago Kevin, Siobhan and I took to the road and travelled one and a half hours north west of Melbourne to the sleepy town of Daylesford. Bustling it may be in the height of summer months, on this early autumn morning, the streets were free of mass summer tourism. I had an image in my head of what I thought Daylesford would be like and although it didn't live up to the idyllic Wisteria Lane of Desperate Housewives idea I had in my head, the area was full of character and the perfect place for those weekend days where one is in the mood to walk endlessly throughout the many antique stores or run around the gardens close to Wombat Hill.

Walking around the tourist information centre it was hard not to rummage through the local delicacies.....foot creams, face masks and hands creams produced locally using local produce were in abundance and if I hadn't of had a little splurge in Mecca Cosmetics a few days beforehand I would have been majorly tempted to shop. We walked through the streets briefly, nearly two hours travelling in a car left us all a little empty and with that we took a trip to one of the areas most renowned eateries, The Wombat Hill House.

Wombat Hill House Cafe is the latest endeavor of Alla Wolf-Tasker, owner of the iconic local hotel, Lake House and executive chef of its multi award winning Good Food Guide Two Hatted restaurant. A town originally of settled gold prospectors and Swiss-Italian travellers in the 1800's, the area has now become known as a mecca for those who love there food and well I am one of those people and I couldn't wait to get to Wombat Hill House after all the stuff I had heard from my pals Luke and Michael, who both run the Brunch With The Boys blog.

Upon entering the cafe, I could instantly feel the warmth and cosiness that, really, a lot cafes in Melbourne lack. So much of the time I am looking for a place where I can see myself chilling out, have a coffee, eat some fresh, bloody tasty food with close ones, a good magazine or a book and this place could be just that place. Three walls of the cafe bar one are painted a crisp, fresh shade of white while the one wall hosts a beautiful mural which was painted by Alla's husband, Allan. The cafe is a mixture of communal tables, comfortable garden spaces and my favorite, intimate tables housed in the warm conservatory. This place is amazing and thank you all for taking such good care of us during our visit. Make sure to check it out.

Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens
Daylesford, VIC 3460


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