Monday, May 28, 2012


Its been a wonderful few weeks on the blog front. Looking at the stats each week its great to see that the viewing numbers are increasing week on week and I am now talking to a lot more people now than I originally thought I ever would. When I started the blog it was a way to unleash some creative part of myself and what it has turned into is somewhat of a scrapbook/diary of what I like and what I get up to in both my personal and professional life. The absolute best part of doing the blog is the chance to meet and speak with people that are both inspiring and hugely talented. I love being around people that inspire me. Its contagious. I makes one want to be the best they can be. I was recently lucky enough to be in touch with one of my favorite artists, Megan Hess and if you can remember I wrote a little introduction to Megan's work late last year on the blog. Megan is hugely successful and is the woman behind those amazing Candice Bushell book covers such as One Fifth Avenue and Sex & The City. Megan has also worked with Bloomingdale's, Tiffany's and my favorite piece of hers featuring Anna Wintour was commissioned by The New York Times. Successful is an understatement. Living in Australia now I have been able to see more and more of Megan's work as she works with several Aussie titles such Harper's BAZAAR Australia, Vogue Australia and FashionTrend magazine. Recently, Megan unveiled her latest limited edition print collection, Diamonds & Tulle and below is just a selection of my favorite pieces. Make sure to check them out and you better damn make sure you get yourself down to Lamington Drive.


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