Sunday, May 20, 2012


It’s that time of the month again when the new issues of our favourite magazines hit the shelves. so much of the time we got lost in the pictures and the amazing fashion shoots and we pass through some of written gems. Now with that I have decided that I am going to pick out my top stories from the new issues of my favourite Australian magazines each month. Not only will this give regular readers a chance to see what I am reading, it will also give regular magazine readers a chance to find stories that they may have looked past. So starting this month, I am looking at the June of Australian Vogue.

Motorcycle Diaries: There is a new kind of elegant rebellion playing out in fashion right now and its centred round a timeless symbol of subversive style., the leather biker. Whether its Balenciaga’s covetable version with its quilted shoulders and zipped wrists, or Céline’s neat cropped jacket lined with crimson, the most polished of dressers are shrugging one over the shoulders of feminine dresses and pretty prints giving new meaning to the term cool rider. (Page 60)

Daria Werbowy isn’t exactly one of my all-time favourite models. I have found her quite inaccessible in the past and I don’t really know much about her but this month Vogue Australia interviewed her. Now despite the obvious Lancôme pushing the interview surprised me. There was the usual model talk, oh I never intended to be a model and I am not really into fashion but there was an honestly to it this type of chit chat that was refreshing. That is one of the great things about Australian Vogue. They choose great cover models and the accompanying interviews actually give the readers something new. That’s rare. (Interview page 64)

I recently had someone laugh directly to my face about the fact I like fashion magazines. A weaker person might have been intimidated but since I live my life in a "I don’t give a f**k what you think" kind of way I brushed it off. One of the reasons I do love fashion magazines is not so much for the fashion....but for the bird’s eye view into the life of those I find fascinating. This month Vogue Australia questioned Sofia Coppola on her favourite things. I love finding out these snippets of information. Favourite candles, stationary, hotels and products - these are the things I like to learn about when reading these type of magazines. This also goes for GQ and Men’s Style Australia just in case you’re wondering. (Page 76)

The Nose Knows....the world of fragrance can be at once fascinating and flummoxing. This month Vogue gathered scented wisdom from the best noses in the fragrance business.  Anne Flipo, Francis Kurkdjian, Romano Ricci, Oliver Creed and Frederic Malle are just some of the big names that are featured in this great feature. We learn what ingredients excite them most, the best advice for those looking for a new scent and how to get oneself out a fragrance rut. An extremely good piece. (Page 140)

The Opinion Piece.....beautiful women with beautiful curves are leading a wave of change as a model agency with a difference promotes healthy bodies in fashion. Written by model agent Chelsea Bonner, this piece gives the reader the chance to get behind the scenes of what really happens with a modelling agency devoted to those deemed plus size. For those who are a fan of plus size model Robyn Lawley you will love this piece. I know I did. (Page 174)

Bonne Chance.....It wasn’t until I seen the French movie Heartbreakers that I really started to see Vanessa Paradis as someone rather than the tabloid caricature that has been made of lately due to the reported split from Johnny Depp. Everyone loves the French, if not for their chicness, it’s for the elegance they exude whether walking down the street to eating their petit dejuner. They (as in the French) do things a little more sophisticated than the rest of us (and we hate them for it). This interview is a great insight to Vanessa and her world and gives the reader alot despite not speaking about her private life all that much. (Page 206)

First-class.....Vogue Australia, despite being one of the top editions worldwide in my opinion reuses stories from previous UK and US editions. It’s one of the reasons that I rarely buy the US editions here in Australia. One of the recent US pieces that the June Australian edition featured was that of Carolyn Murphy’s home in LA. Transporting French farmhouse living to Los Angeles, you not only get a chance to poke around the supermodels home but also get a chance to learn more about her from the accompanying interview.

The final piece I am going to recommend is that of Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis and her guide to travelling in style. Louis Vuitton throws, Sisley face creams and Evian facial spray are just some of the things that are recommended within this piece and I love this little gem of a piece. Enjoy it.


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