Tuesday, June 5, 2012



Being the Australian outsider, I spend my days scouring the shops, the malls/department stores and the newsagents for that quintessential Melbourne/Australian product. Whether its Life With Bird, Kora Organics or Mag Nation, Melbourne is a hub of creativity, innovation and luxury. Luxury for me is that perfect cup of coffee, that little bit of time were you get to unwind with a book or collect your thoughts. Luxury for me isn’t walking into a department store and buying a moisturiser for $150, luxury is not a name; it’s those little things that bring us a sense of warmth and happiness. It’s something we don’t allow ourselves to do on a regular basis.

Indulgence these days is seen as wrong. I recently had a copy of FashionTrend land on my desk in the office and having not heard of it before (and being a mad magazine freak) I quickly grabbed it, ran out the door to lunch and devoured it. Niche titles are always the best when it comes to the quality of the publication itself. It’s the first thing that I notice about a magazine. Cheap production values bring instant disappointment.

This particular issue was dedicated to desire and was deemed the Erotica issue- not in a smutty way but rather in that fantastical Givenchy-esque, Rooney Mara way. This may be a small title compared to the likes of Harper’s BAZAAR, Marie Claire and Vogue Australia but the list of talent that contribute to the magazine is huge. Two time Australian hairdresser of the year Brad Ngata, Melbourne based fashion curator and writer Danielle Whitfield, leading make-up artist Rae Morris and my current love, Megan Hess, whom you all should be well aware of by now on Wintour&Guinness.

Learning about Australian talent is hugely important to me for Wintour&Guinness, despite being born in the Irish countryside is distinctly Melburnian in its nature. I write about Melbourne for those who can appreciate all that there is to do and see and this magazine does the same things on a much larger  and grander scale. Make sure to check it out today.


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