Monday, July 30, 2012


Embracing all things Australian is something some of my foreign friends and I have been doing recently. Whether it’s been hitting all the hot spots of Melbourne, going to a footy game or trying the latest drinks du jour, Australia has opened my eyes (slightly more) to what life is all about and that my friends is....that one must simply enjoy it. Between writing an actual Melbourne travel feature to writing this own blog I have really tried to push myself to get out there and try all that Melbourne (and Australia) has to offer. Whether it’s been trying a new cafe, hitting a new gallery opening or working within a new field, getting out there is important. Trying new things is important. Working on yourself to be the person you want to be is important. I feel slightly that I am entering a new chapter of my Australian adventure both personally and professionally and having attended a workshop last week about young media professionals taking ownership of their own career, I believe at my age it’s time to really take on board all my aspirations and go for what I want.

Now before I ramble on more, there is a link to what I've been talking about and GQ Australia. I hate to generalise and maybe I am wrong to say so but I find that manners are in short supply these days among people my age (and even older). I feel very blessed that I have two extraordinarily brilliant parents who are both well educated in manners and self-respect. Its something that they both drilled into me and whilst I may have rebelled at certain times in my life in terms of my manners, the older I get the more I see how in-valuable they are. Whether in business or my private life, manners are possibly one of the most underused tool within society. When I came across the latest piece from Dan Rookwood on Rude People in society I just knew I had to share news of it with you all. GQ Australia is a fantastic magazine and I respect it's editor, Nick Smith immensely. Unlike British GQ, its Australian cousin is more focused on building the reader into a better man from the inside out. Check it out and let me know if you agree with Rookwood’s thoughts.


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