Sunday, July 1, 2012


There is so much choice out there when it comes to skincare that it can be a little tricky to make sure you are choosing the right products. I myself have been dabbling in various brands for the last few months and I can tell after a little while what is good for my skin and what’s not. Going through a somewhat frugal period recently, I decided to try out some of the high street brands which seem to look good on paper. L'Oreal Men Expert is probably the most popular of the male orientated skincare brands I have been using and I hate to say it but you have to wonder if they actually do anything for you apart from the odd stingy feeling. So I was delighted to see that one of Americas most popular skincare brands, Philosophy has now embarked on building a bigger presence within Australia. Mecca Cosmetics stocks the brand currently and although I like browsing Mecca every so often, I have been fed up with them over-pricing products. With the retail sector hit strongly over the last few years and online shopping becoming bigger than ever. It’s becoming increasing hard for brands such as Philosophy. This was never more evident than over the last few weeks when several of their products saw price reductions (*cue hand-clapping). Philosophy have launched their first concession within Melbourne at David Jones Bourke St Mall store. Make sure to pop in and check out their vast range of scented body washes, targeted skincare and other delicacies soon.


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