Monday, July 30, 2012


The cover of The Hamptons: Food, Family and History is a snapshot into the life of Ricky Lauren, the wife of fashion icon Ralph Lauren. The culinary competitor to Ina Gartens helm as the culinary queen of the Hampton's and as someone who loves the Hampton's I am finding it very hard to figure out who I find more captivating.

With more than 130 healthy, fresh and seasonal recipes with inspiring colorful food photography, black and white family photos, and whimsical drawings, with Lauren sharing family story tidbits, this is the book if one just wanted to own one cookbook. Yes, it’s that good.

Most of us will never be privileged to meet the Laurens, or be able to afford living in the Hamptons, I can only wish. However, for as little as $40, Lauren issues us a personal invitation in her lavish lifestyle and maybe this weekend with the help of this book I can inject a little Hamptons luxury into my Port Melbourne life.


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