Monday, July 30, 2012


So what would one being doing on a typical Wednesday night after a busy day in the office? Well maybe you would find me going home to lay on the couch or maybe hitting the gym, but this Wednesday I was invited along to the opening of Julia deVilles latest exhibition by my new Melbourne friend Michelle, who knows the fashion and arts scene in Melbourne like the back of her own hand. The show Sarcophagus which was held at the Sophie Gannon Gallery was made up of deVilles sculptures, which combine taxidermy with precious stones as well as her own personal provocative social observations regarding the treatment of farmed versus domestic animals.
In Sarcophagus, the taxidermist, jeweller and strict vegetarian uses animals that died of natural causes to raise some hidden truths about the way farm animals are treated in comparison to domestic pets and the illogical line that distinguishes a pet from what will end up on the dinner plate tonight.

I don’t tend to be an expert on the subject so I will leave the social commentary to the professionals. All I know is that this was undoubtedly one of the most Melbourne-centric events I have been too in a long long time. Having come straight from the office, where I wear a very boring ensemble of dark tops and pants day in day out, the dress code of the Melbourne fashionan/arty crowd was head to toe black. Lets just say I ended up blending straight in.
Sarcophagus is deVille’s third solo exhibition at Sophie Gannon Gallery, following her 2010 exhibition, Night’s Plutonian Shore and boy and Sarcophagus opens July 25 at Sophie Gannon Gallery in Richmond and runs until September 1.


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