Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Tucked away from bustling Little Bourke Street, Manchester Press is surprisingly spacious and tranquil – a prized rarity for inner-city cafes. It’s the kind of place you could be perfectly comfortable spreading out an entire newspaper without drawing irksome glares from your fellow patrons. The décor is fashionably distressed, rustic and warm. Weathered wood softens the predominantly white space while idiosyncratic pieces scavenged from scrap yards give the space its character.

The menu is small and simple (and features some excellent bagels), but with a cafe it’s the coffee that must matter most. And in this regard Manchester Press brings the same consideration to your flat white as they do to the welcoming surrounds – it’s top notch, well up to the rather stiff competition in the area.

The above statement was written by a journalist for Broadsheet Melbourne. Do I agree with the comments...Ummm I am not sure. Saturday morning are made for one of four things, lying in with a hangover, doing the weekly chores, hitting the gym if you are that way inclined or hitting your favourite breakfast destination. Some morning I like to try and do all four but this Saturday morning I rushed my way into the city to meet up with two of my Irish friends Coleen and Rebbecca who've been living in Melbourne for about a year I think. In that time we have done some amazing things with one of the most recent being a fulfilled weekend in Sydney for theMardi Gras celebrations. What I really love and appreciate about these two is that they both seem to have the same drive and desire as I do to for finding and visiting all the amazing cafe, restaurants, bars and cultural attractions that are dotted around Melbourne.

Melbourne is one of the most fascinating places for a foodie and one place that has been on my radar for the last few months (however never found the time to try out) was Manchester Press. I love a hidden gem and finding this place requires concentration and a map. The ease of slipping into your local cage is lost here due to the need for a door man. How odd you must think but with such a tight space inside, one can see the need for such. Having secured a few stools at the corner of the large communal table we ordered our coffees straight away and worked our way through the menu. Fresh, toasted, plain or fruit filled; bagels are the main staple here. Mascarpone mountains top crisp fruit bagels, with swirls of fresh berries running through; topped with pistachio rubble. Or go savoury with their classic smoked salmon with chive infused cream cheese. Both looked divine. Coffee was grand, nothing special and that's was its only flaw. Check out Manchester Press at.....

Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne
(03) 9600 4054
Mon–Fri 7am–5pm
Sat 9am–5pm


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