Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The beauty & grooming industry is abuzz what with Aerin Lauder about to launch her first ever line of AERIN beauty essentials. Lauder is beginning with the beauty line, including The Aerin Essentials collection which will include cream-to-powder foundation, bronzer, lip conditioner and other basics. A "colour collection" (lipsticks, eye shadows, etc.) will arrive in early fall and then, after beauty, Aerin LLC is moving on to jewellery, table top items, fabrics and other home decor products.Aerin has also relaunched the AERIN website recently allowing fans of the businesswoman to get a glimpse into both her personal and professional life. Including pictures, recommendation's and behind the scenes access, Lauder allows us into her personal workspace and her bag. What more could you want. I'll be taking a trip through the AERIN offices this week on Wintour&Guinness. Make sure to come along.


I’ve grown up in the beauty business, so I’ve been fortunate to have access to an incredible array of wonderful products. All that exposure has helped make me the ultimate beauty editor, paring down to the essentials that have the most impact. I believe that you don’t need dozens of products or a complicated, time-consuming beauty routine to look beautiful. Like most women, I only have a limited amount of time to devote to getting ready each day, but I also want to look my best. I spend no more than five minutes in the morning. A great moisturizer, natural looking foundation, bronzer, dark brown eye pencil, and black mascara are my constant essentials, and I update my lip colors and eyeshadows depending on the season and the latest trends. It’s the same approach to beauty that my AERIN line takes, as well. When I update my own colors each season, I update yours too. For fall, I added new autumn eyeshadow shades like Dogwood and Grayge and some wonderful neutral lipsticks and lip glosses in Sunday Morning and Perfect Nude. Every aspect of the AERIN line is meant to make your life easier and more beautiful. - Aerin Lauder


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