Sunday, August 26, 2012


The winter may be officially over but the weather is telling a completely different story. As an Irishman, one automatically assumes that I must be used to the blistering cold and truth be told, despite the winter snowfall which sporadically falls between the end of November and early January back home - the Melbourne winter is something else. I myself, am susceptible to those cracked dry lips that most people suffer from over the winter and despite trying over a dozen so called miracle lips balms from pharmacy to luxury level brands over the last few months, only four have made any noticeable differences. So here you are, my guide to the best lips balms on the market available here in Melbourne.

One of the most popular and cult-like beauty products of Australia is Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. This is the cheapest of the creams I will be talking about and despite the low price - its a beauty must have for not only Aussie's but those who know their beauty stuff. Recently featured on the Emily Weiss' beauty & lifestyle blog Into The Gloss, this balm is a permanent fixture within the handbags and man bags of Aussie & international beauty junkies. Used in the past on scars, boils and burns, this product now sits alongside my other products in my daily routine as its perfect for any small cuts that occur during shaving. Lips wise its just a winner. It keeps them in perfect order and is a steal at RRP$5.99 for a small tube.

Australian skincare brand Qsilica recently added another product to their ever expanding range of skincare products with the new RESCUE Paw Paw Ointment. This petrochemical-free natural balm is perfect for soothing broken skin, nourishing and repairing those nasty cracks that one gets from that blistering wind. Combining fermented paw paw extract, Shea butter, beeswax, macadamia oil, calendula extract and a special ingredient which is the signature ingredient in Qsilica skincare, colloidal mineral silica. Qsilica RESCUE Paw Paw Ointment, I've found is also quite good as a night time cream and I have on several occasions used this on my face instead of my usual nigh time cream. The results of which is plump, moisturised and clear skin in the morning. A multi purpose balm that is perfect for popping your pocket. RRP$8.95

 When I was saving my few cents for my big move to Australia two years ago, I decided I would put some money aside and upon arriving in Heathrow, I would pick up some really fancy lotions and potions for my new life down under. One of the products that was on my list was this Chanel Lip Balm. Although slightly pricier than the previous two balms - this product is all about the luxury.  This pot lives on my work desk and gets used each and every morning and whilst speaking to a colleague about it - it came to me just how long exactly this pot has lasted. It has a beautiful scent and I love how special it feels. Life is about surrounding yourself with beauty, whether that be friends, your home or the products that you use daily and this certainly brings a little of that special-ness to my day.

Recently, the Spice Girls reunited for what was rumoured to the last time ever at the closing ceremony of the Olympics. It was a night to remember for those of us who grew up with those five larger than life characters throughout the nineties. Geri Halliwell is not exactly a huge presence within the world of beauty but recently Grazia interviewed her personal make-up artist prior to the Olympics closing ceremony and got the goss on what Geri uses in her daily beauty routine. The make-up artist clearly stated that Geri could live with just two products, mascara and my next recommendation - Eve Lom Lip Balm. How odd you must think. Well yes, how odd indeed but this product is from one of the most popular skincare ranges to come out of the UK in the last ten years. Eve Lom is known for its amazing cleanser which I have been using sporadically over the years and this lip balm is the lip balm mirror of the brands award winning cleanser. Its very very good. go on treat yourself. Its available in all Mecca Cosmetics RRP$30


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