Thursday, August 30, 2012


You might be thinking....Wintour&Guinness.........Harper & Harley and before you ask me, no I didn't take any inspiration from this wonderful blogger but rather from the wonderful Daphne Guinness and Anna Wintour - two fashion juggernauts that inspire me hugely. Harper & Harley is for me the definitive Australian blog. As a European I have a very clear view of what the Australian aesthetic is. Having lived here for a little while now I understand the beauty in what Sydney and Melbourne both offer. There are the Melbournian’s that use the tired and somewhat flattering opinion that Sydney is to Melbourne as LA is to New York. Anyone that’s been to Melbourne can see New York it ain’t and it doesn’t matter how much black one wears - Melbourne is its own city and shouldn’t feel any inferiority to Sydney or feel the need to compare itself to somewhere such as NYC. Likewise Sydney is neither New York or LA, it is its own city. It’s a city that fascinates me and a city that I secretly long to live in one day - although I must admit that I am completely and utterly in love with my life in Melbourne. Where you might ask does Sara Donaldson and her blog Harper & Harley fit into this piece...well the thing is, I dont get the chance to venture up north to Sydney as much as I like and as someone who is fascinated by all things Australian, I find the best way to really get to know the world of Australian fashion, beauty, lifestyle and society is through blogs and Donaldson's blog just encapsulates everything that I love about Sydney fashion. Harper & Harley is raw, it’s a blog that has stripped away the stuffiness of the fashion industry and shows essentially what fashion should be all about, Fun. The beautiful enjoyment that one girl gets from wearing beautifully crafted clothes is essentially what Harper & Harley  is all about and Donaldson is now becoming the poster child for Australian fashion and Australian bloggers. Much the same way that Emily Weiss has revolutionized the world of beauty journalism, Donaldson has brought emerging Australian designers to the forefront. Whether  it is her favorite blouse, skirt or candle - Harper & Harley (which can be found on Instagram and twitter too) is growing and Donaldson is now featured heavily within the Australian media inside the pages of Vogue Australia and Harper’s BAZAAR.  So put it on your to do list, make it a priority to jump into the world of Harper & Harley and get a taste of what Sydney fashion is all about. 


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