Sunday, August 26, 2012


Since setting up home in Melbourne I have been promising myself that I would get into shape. The desire is there, but over the last year and a half something hasn’t yet clicked and I am stuck here, still in the same place that I was when I arrived here last March. I've had periods of being extremely dedicated to working out and eating well - but lately it’s been exactly the opposite. Several years ago whilst finishing secondary (high) school, I would have tipped the scales at eighty-five to ninety kilograms. At five foot six (and a bit), that’s not exactly healthy BMI-wise but during college I worked my way down to sixty two kilograms. Now at the moment I am sitting maybe at seventy kilograms and although not big by any means, I am now on a mission to get back to sixty two kilograms or there about. They say the key to burning body fat is twenty percent exercise and eighty percent food. Eating healthily is something I seriously love to do - the sense of accomplishment at the end of the week knowing you have worked hard on your diet is so gratifying, however lately that doesn’t seem to be the case as everything that I am craving is a) full of nasty fats, b)high in calories and c) devoid of any nutrional benefits. It also hasn’t helped that I have that I have somewhat damaged my foot recently. With seventeen weeks until I head home to Ireland for Christmas, today I will be beginning my new workout & eating plan and when I say I am starting this today, I mean it starts TODAY. Eating healthily as I mentioned earlier is something that I love to do and as someone who has developed a huge sweet tooth it has been a godsend recently to have these white chocolate & caramel crunch protein bars from Melbourne based lifestyle brand Milk & Co. Developed by Michael and Lindy Klim, Michael is well known worldwide as one of Australia’s most successful swimmers. Apart from Milk Active's nutrional products, Milk & Co. as a brand includes a men’s organic skincare range, a toddler body care range and an upcoming clothing line developed by Lindy. Perfect for popping in my gym bag, lunch bag or for eating on the go - Milk Active features various different products to suit each and every one depending on their physical and nutrional needs. And most importantly, they taste rather good. I look forward to trying the rest of the range as well as the men’s skincare which I am hearing quite a lot of good things about. Sure look,  is there anything better than supporting a local, family run business. I think not.

Milk Active Bars can be found at Coles & all good health food stores around the city.


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