Thursday, September 20, 2012


Recently I was given the most wonderful gift. A limited edition diptyque Feu De Bois candle which has been sitting proudly on top of several coffee table books on my coffee table. Now I am a real sucker for scented candles, especially the ones that smell of log fires or those really old musky churches. diptyque are legendary within the world of scented candles and they make the perfect gift for any occasion. Looking more into the company I came across some rather fascinating information on the company and the candle making process itself. Check it out below.

1963 saw wax and perfume blended for the first time when diptyque first introduced its first set of three scented candles - Aubepine, The, Cannelle (Hawthorn, Tea, Cinnamon) - packed with exclusive, trailblazing expertise, made entirely by hand, by a process in which every step mattered. The selected wax, the finest wicks, the noble raw materials and the delicate accords inspired by nature and memories of travels added up to diptyque's hallmark alchemy of olfactory effects - which hangs by a thread; the thread of its singular spirit.

Noble, rare, precious, the qualities of raw material are exactly the same as the ones used to make their eau de toilette. Each perfume reacts in its own different way to heat, some unwrap, others shine, yet others bend. Finding the perfect balance is a slow, painstaking process (with 8 to 12% fragrance concentration depending on the candle). For diptyque, the company does not shy away from the challenges or compromise; the olfactory experience is all that matters.

In order to unleash the perfect effect, each candle is a blend of eight to nine first class waxes specifically amalgamated. The waxes are hard, their sources controlled and of mineral origin and on occasion enriched with a few plant-based waxes. They are sometimes coloured, and always the same as the ones used in the food and cosmetic industries. Choosing the right wick is also essential  to ensure each candle burns consistently and flawlessly. The wicks are cotton braids with cellulose cores and the greater their diameter, the hotter they burn. That is one of the key to the alchemy.
diptyque candles are made exclusively by hand with many distinct operations to produce a par-excellence luxury craft. Wicks are coated in paraffin to remain upright, then individually fastened to the base of each clear glasses. The glasses are heated to avoid wax streaking down the walls and the glasses are placed on a small conveyor belt taking them under the melting wax dispensers. To protect the perfume, the glasses are filled to the brim with wax at 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. The glasses travel slowly at room temperature to allow the wax to cool and slightly harden. The wicks are then straightened by hand. The wax rests for 24 hours to settle, a shaft forms at the foot of the wick. Candle then travels under the annealing arches to smooth the top wax surface. The wicks are then cut to stand 4mm high. They are ready to light and the candles are then ready to be packaged. The labels are then placed on the glasses of diptyques classical white candles. The boxes are then folded and the wedges placed inside them. The candles are then placed in the boxes and then wrapped in cellophane.

Who knew something so simple as a candle could make people so happy. Check out the entire diptyque collection at


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