Thursday, September 20, 2012


One of the best things about shopping in Melbourne is the vast amount of discount stores available to the public in close proximity to the CBD. Granted in Ireland we have discount stores, they bloody well make you travel for a couple of hours to get to them. Most discount stores in Ireland are grouped together in village-like complexes and this is true of Kildare Village near Dublin or Bicester Village in the UK. Just this weekend I took a trip to Smith Street in Collingwood to hit the Converse factory outlet. Located just 10 minutes on the tram from the main shopping strip it would be ludicrous not to venture there during any city shopping excursion. Now, I have gone there several times over the last few months and haven't had much luck finding anything worth purchasing. Yes they have the shoes but never ever in my size, however this time they not only had the shoes but they had all of them in my size. A first for me. Black, white and brown leather converse were in plentiful supply and the hardest decision was which style to pick. I took a gamble and bought the black leather slim sole, thinking that it would stick to my idea of "wearing all black in Melbourne". For fifty dollars can you really go that wrong!

I actually wore them on Sunday to Sorrento and Portsea and by god was that a mistake. Walking all the way around both villages and along the coast my poor feet nearly feel off they were cutting so much. In future I must remember never to wear new shows when doing such extreme activity such as a Sunday stroll along the coast.

Check in with Wintour&Guinness soon for an update on all the top areas for discount shopping.


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