Sunday, September 30, 2012


Not long ago Kevin and I finally got the chance to venture the three hours south to Sorrento, a trip that both of us were looking forward too immensely. Stocking up with several new magazines and a bottle of water mixed with liquid chlorophyll - we drove along the coast (well Kevin drove - I lay back and caught up on all the new issues had to offer) catching a glimpse of all the little towns that dot the coastline. Upon driving into Sorrento, as sense of excitement rushed over us both when we saw all the boutiques, cafes, restaurants and surf shops. Sorrento is the idyllic seaside town that sophisticated Melburnians flock to when the city gets a little too much and even though we are in the last grips of the winter/spring months the area was still as beautiful as I had imagined. After walking around the area, popping into the speciality food stores that dot the main street we decided to lunch at the much talked about Sisters Cafe (I had put the feelers out on twitter that morning asking where to go and this is the place a few peeps recommended). We ordered the slow cooked pork belly sandwich and the daily special fritta with beetroot and goats cheese and a side of coffees. The food reminded me of a beautiful place back home that I love called Relish (in the seaside town of Bettystown). Fresh and clean, the meal was the perfect start to what lay ahead that afternoon. I posted last week about my new leather converse that I bought in the outlet store on Smith Street and well, in that post I mentioned how they weren't the best for walking in. You see after lunch we decided to walk all the way along Fort Nepean, right to the tip overlooking the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. The walk was long and peaceful and at the end of it we got to Fort Nepean, a military fort made up of tunnels and an important defence post in the 1880's. Exploring the tunnels, reading the stories dotted around the area it was great to see what this area originally was before the mansions and tennis courts and designer boutiques took it over. The walk back to the car was horrendously painful, the leather of my new converse eating into the back of my heels. Jumping into the front seat of the car and making our way back to the city I took one look back and told myself, that someday soon when the sun is shining and the sea is warm, we would make our way back. And that's one plan that will definitely be taking shape soon.


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