Thursday, October 4, 2012


Its no secret that I am a huge fan of this lady. I'm not the only one it seems. The biggest names in fashion whether they be Chanel, Dior, Tiffany & Co. or Marc Jacobs know her name. Style bibles such as Harper's BAZAAR, Fashion TREND Australia, Vogue Australia and The New York Times regularly commission her beautiful fashion illustrations and her individual clients rate as some of the most glamorous women in the world: American First Lady Michelle Obama has even commissioned her services recently, likewise super-star author Candace Bushnell, the monster successful author of Sex & The City.

Melbourne based Artist and illustrator Megan Hess has been the darling of many International luxury fashion brands for years. Her signature style – slinky, sensual lines in ink accented with pops of the prettiest shades, create an ultra-feminine aesthetic that has won many fans in the fashion and beauty industry. Now, her works of art are about to become wearable - with the release of her debut collection of silk scarves this October.

Called ‘The Escape Collection’, the range is inspired by adventures in both travel and fashion. “They are all very intricate and detailed,” Hess says. “I love a sense of drama in an image”  “I have women dressed in McQueen, racing through the streets of Paris in my black and white scarf” “Women draped over flowers wearing Chanel for The Garden of Versailles scarf”

Ornate patterns, trademark beauties and iconic images from each of the beautiful destinations feature. “Surrounding the edge of each scarf is a little story to tell the inspiration of the design,” explains Hess. ‘The Italian Riviera’ is a turquoise blue scarf, inspired by the glittering waters of Portofino and San Remo. Soft pink hues surround Marie Antoinette in her decadent world of vintage patios and sprawling flower beds on ‘The Gardens of Versailles’. The warm burnt orange and deep chocolate of ‘The African Safari’ depicts elegant women wearing jewelled turbans travelling gracefully through Africa on zebras and giraffes, and, in black and white, set at midnight is ‘The Paris Masquerade’. “These scarves have been a labour of love to create,” says Hess, who also has just finished sell out shows of her Limited Edition Prints in New York.

The scarves are all 100% silk twill with hand rolled edges and measure 90cm x 90cm. Hand made in Italy, they be available from October 1st exclusively from Parlour X in Sydney and LK Boutique in Melbourne.

For more information, or to view the collection, please visit


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