Monday, November 26, 2012


The last few weeks have served as a blip on the radar that is my life. A few weeks ago something in me just switched on, like a light and suddenly I was feeling like a different person. Where once the idea of not consuming a single carbohydrate would send me into a wild panic, this metaphorical switch that was flicked now had me thinking the opposite. Carbohydrates were a no go, their power over me diminished as quick as I would usually have devour a single Arrnots shortbread cream or Monte Carlo biscuit along with my three o' clock cuppa tea. For years I had been told by someone close to me that the answer to all my problems was, carbohydrates. You see coming from an Irish family, likewise with any European family - I was brought up to finish my food, to clean my plate before I leave the dining table and well unfortunately for me that craziness has stuck with me for the last two and a half decades and I still feel a slight pang of guilt if I leave any food on my plate. Removing carbohydrates from my diet such as potatoes, rice, breakfast cereals and bread has left me feeling great and its something that I am telling all my friends to do. Without those side of fries or that ciabatta roll with dinner, I am able to explore new produce and come up with some rather bizarre and delicious meal. This quest to calm down the body/food noises in my head has led to me to think about all areas of my mind, body and spirit. Now I do slip up here and there but generally over the last few weeks I have been good restricting the carbs. Sure I am only human after all. But being healthy is not just restricted to food. When looking back at all the different products I have been using and discussing recently I thought to myself that they were far too processed for me, far to heavy in terms of the chemicals being used and looking at the options out there I wanted to try out an Australian made range of organic products that suit exactly what I need. Enter the Gaia range for men. A wonderful range of grooming products that leave you with a feeling that one is being completely and utterly good to oneself. This cleanser is pure, natural and organic and is also soap and sulphate free. It gently lifts dirt, cleansing your skin and really does leave you feeling fresh and clean thanks to the organic lime and rosemary. At only twelve bucks this cleanser is also a welcome relief to all those over-priced, over-processed products that cost an arm and a leg. Yes I am talking to you Eve Lom. Check it out in all good healthy food stores.


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