Monday, December 17, 2012


Living in the moment is something one must learn to do. So much of the time we are consumed by thoughts of what we do not have, whats to come and I for one need to appreciate the now a little more. In six days I will be travelling home for the first time in nearly two years and the last few weeks have been this mad dash, me running through the days, looking forward to getting on that plane.

The last seven days have been pretty great and there's been a lot of things happening that's worth mentioning. Thursday was our Christmas party, but a Christmas party unlike all the others I have had living in Ireland. Sun, sea and sand were in plentiful supply and the afternoon consisted of playing Connect Four on the deck before sitting down to a feast of salt & pepper squid, roast chicken, grilled steak and an assortment of pizzas. After a few speeches and a very funny Christmas video made by the office, we indulged in sticky toffee pudding and that Aussie staple Pavlova. The party continued to the late hours at Georges Lane Bar where guests wined and dined on Champagne and boxes and boxes of pizza. That was Thursday.

Friday and with a few sore heads from the night before, I was lucky to have a lunch organised with a few media companions. Heading to Cantina Cecconi's on Flinders Lane. I hadn't heard of it before but by god I do now and it was the perfect choice for lunch. It the kind of place where one expects to see suiting brokering big deals and glamazons lunching with their pals.


I started the meal off by ordering the Proscuttio Di Parma, a light refreshing dish of parma ham, crisp pears and buffalo reggiano. For mains I had the crumbed veal chop with, duck fat roasted potato's, spinach and honey glazed carrots. The veal was beautifully cooked, with a light herb crust on the outside. Before heading back to the office - it was essential to try one of their many desserts. Whilst others has the Tiramisu, I opted for the peaches & cream parfait with vanilla sponge and blackberry. What arrived was a dessert far to beautiful to eat..but this is me we're talking about. It was gone in no time. I'll be hitting Cantina Cecconi's again soon. I can assure you that.


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