Wednesday, January 23, 2013


A few years ago I was invited to the spend some time at the home of Kevin's sister Bren, her husband John and their two children at the time (now they have added a beautiful daughter to the family) in St. Clements, Jersey, Channel Islands. The island is truly picturesque and covers a tiny area of land and the family live in a beautiful house which overlooks the coast in a southerly direction and it really is the perfect spot to hang out during the summer months when the sun is shining.

Whilst staying at Bren's house I remember being introduced to two things that to this day I love. Gin and Tonics and Molten Brown's White Mulberry Hand Wash and Hand Lotion. I remember encountering this set for the first time all those years back, the scent I found instantly intoxicating and I remember the first time I found it back home in Ireland after my first visit to jersey and the smell of the lotion as I rubbed my hands together brought me right back to the island, walking along the pier, walking down the side streets of St. Helier and eating steak sandwiches from the food truck along the beach at Le Hoq .

I had to buy it then and there and ever since I've been trying to buy it at every opportunity. Even my parents have continued to buy it after I gave them a set of it two years ago. Make sure to check it out at your local Molton Brown retailer.  


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