Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 Jo Malone & Diptyque Candles are just amazing. I love the Lime, Basil and Mandarin scent so much as it reminds me of the smell of Elle Macphersons The Body creams and with regards to Diptyque, I love the scent of candles such as Fois De Bois, which smell like log fires burning or smelly old churches. You can never have too many candles dotted around the home in my opinion.

I love heading to Harvey Nichols, whether it be in London or Dublin. On the first of January I took a trip to Dublin to meet up with my good friend Chloe, her partner Justin and their beautiful new daughter. Poor Sive had conjunctivitis over the New Year period so she wasn’t quite herself but she was amazing nonetheless and all three arrived looking like the chicest family you've ever seen. It was enough to make any new parents sick. I meet the guys in Dundrum Shopping Centre so it was a great excuse for me to head to Harvey Nichols and I got a chance to pick up some Candy Kittens lollies for my sister who is a big fan of Jamie Lang from Made In Chelsea who created the line.

Whilst I was home I opened boxes and boxes of my belongings. My huge collection of magazines, books, cd's and dvd's from the last twenty odd years where hidden in those boxes and I came across some very funny photos and things from my childhood that made me very nostalgic. Clarissa Explains It All was one of those programs that really bring me back to a time long ago. Way before Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, there was CEIA. It was shown on Saturday mornings during Live & Kicking and it was a ritual for any young child or teenager to sit down on a Saturday morning and watch the likes of Live & Kicking or SMTV. It’s a shame that these types of show no longer exist.

It feels like a long long time ago but there was a time after I left college that I worked on Marie Claire magazine. It happened to be during their 20th anniversary and due to the occasion I along with two others decided to put together this hugely successful birthday gift guide which went into the Birthday issue. It was an exciting time in my life that I will always look back on fondly.

I love going to a good show in the West End. Nothing beats a night out in London to see a show. I've had the pleasure to see quite a few now and a few of my favourites have been, Wicked, Breakfast At Tiffany’s and lately Viva Forever. A few of the misses however have been Les Miserable and Lord Of The Rings which both bored me to tears.

Harrods is like shopping heaven for me. I love the place and love the bargains you get during the sales like the bottle of Tommy Hilfiger Eau De Prep which was reduced from £75 to $20 during the Christmas sales. If only Australia had something that came close to the magic of Harrods.

Music wise I wasn’t too impressed with anything coming out of Ireland since I left back in 2010 however I spent a long time waiting to get my hands on the debut album from Bressie. What a great pop record. This guy deserves to be bigger than he currently is. Make sure to check him out online.

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