Tuesday, February 5, 2013


When you are heading to a city for a short amount of time, it really is essential to have the trip all planned out. Know where you are staying, know the area around you, know the travel opportunities nearby and for the love of god have a list of places you want to go to well before arriving.

It didn’t take long to figure out where I wanted to go whilst I was in London. I had lived there for a year back in 2008 so I knew the place like the back of my hand but with living in Melbourne for the last two years, I had slightly lost touch with where to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thankfully Sasha Wilkins of Liberty London Girl was gracious enough to offer some advice on where to go whilst in London.
Having lived in London, I always made an effort to visit The Wolseley whenever the opportunity arose. I really love going for breakfast or brunch there and when I found out that Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, the masterminds behind this amazing place were to open a new sister restaurant in Aldwych, I just had to get myself there to check it out.

The Wolseley practically invented the London power breakfast/brunch and is a place where the clientele and the atmosphere is as glamorous at nine in the morning as it is at dinner time. I had the best times there with Kevin and also with my best friend Eimear and her sister Orlagh a few years back when we sat beside Tracey Emin and Eddie Izzard. You see the food is not entirely the attraction here, more the people watching so I was eager to see if The Delaunay would be the same.
We arrived for our sitting at half ten and was surprised at how much quieter the place is compared to the hustle and bustle of The Wolseley. That’s something that The Delaunay really needs, the hustle and bustle of people talking and enjoying themselves. The Delaunay was for me a little more reserved and sophisticated. Everything about the place was perfect, the napkins to the delph to the menu itself. There is nothing in either The Wolseley or The Delaunay that you can fault. These guys really know what they are doing.

Both Kevin and I opted for the smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese and a side of black pudding to share. Having had breakfast the day before at the Fifth Floor restaurant at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, I was expecting to get the tiniest portion of smoked salmon and cream cheese. This is partly the reason for us ordering the mixed pastries basket too, the other reason being that we are both gluttonous and love ordering more food than we can possibly eat. 
When the food arrived I was surprised to see so much salmon there was on the plate. There was enough salmon for two people on my plate and the same with Kevin’s. The bagel was perfectly toasted and the cream cheese was so delicious and rich that even the smallest dollop was perfectly enough to keep me happy. The black pudding however for me was a little too fatty. I am a huge lover of Clonakility black pudding which is made in Ireland and I love the inclusion of grains in the pudding mix however the black pudding at The Delaunay was really smooth with large chunks of fat dotted throughout.

The pastries were amazing and all handmade onsite at The Delaunay. Poppy seed and lemon pretzels, pain au chocolat, croissant, almond croissants and breakfast muffins were available in regular sizes however we decided to get a basket of each in miniature size to taste alongside our morning coffee. Which by the way for any coffee snobs out there, it’s pretty darn good.
I would visit The Delaunay in a heartbeat but for a foreigner like myself, I truly love the grandeur and craziness of The Wolseley and would try there if you haven’t been. You won’t be disappointed.


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