Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 I have to be honest, I didn't quite like Simone Rocha's label when it first came out. I didn't think it was very innovative or ground-breaking to be honest. But this season I actually quite liked it. Rocha is best when she is working a more relaxed aesthetic and this season was exactly that. She called her collection ‘Respect Your Elders’ - an apt title considering it was inspired by her two grandmothers: her late Irish grandmother, Margaret Gleeson, and her Chinese grandmother, Cecelia Rocha, two women who had a great appetite for looking fantastically co-ordinated and pulled together in neat dresses, twinsets and smart coats. British Vogue said it perfectly when describing the Rocha girl,  

What works so well about Rocha is she has so quickly created and defined her aesthetic and her girl - she's young and fun, walks a slightly kookier line to make tradition interesting and has a wardrobe that everyone wants a part of. 
Rocha raided a pack of sherberts for this collection, tinsel tweed, lemon, powder pink, nude, cream and fondant pink. But she had also introduced leopard faux fur too, which made for a bit of a surprise as it, for me just didn't sit with the rest of the collection very. Overall it was a great collection which showed some serious growth as a designer. Now if only the press would refer to her as Irish and not British that would be great.

For more information check out Simone Rocha's website here


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