Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The last few weeks have been immensely busy. Work has been great and the weekends have been as choc-a-block as the booking system for The Wolseley. I'm not complaining but its been difficult to get some time to write over the last week or two and because of that I have some amazing stuff to share with you over the next week. Away from all the madness I was able to steal a few moments to myself on Sunday morning and thinking of where I could go, I ended up doing the usual route of DFO, South Melbourne Market and Albert Park village.

DFO is a discount shopping mecca for those that love a great bargain. I've been going there since I moved to Melbourne and although I will admit that I don't always find what I am looking for, I have found some amazing bargains. Trousers are a pain in the ass for me to look for and I usually stick to Industrie as I like the fit of their chino's and jeans. They are great for casual wear and this trip I picked up a pair of their navy chino's. Usually retailing at $79.95, I picked the right day to drop by as they had 20% off full price stock. Sweet.

After an hour or so wandering around, I decided to hit South Melbourne Market for a chance to potter around the stalls there. I had actually brought with me the new issues of Harper's BAZAAR Australia, InStyle Australia and the new memoir from former Vogue Australia editor, Kirstie Clements (more on her later this week) called The Vogue Factor, so I was dying to hit a great cafe to indulge myself in these delicious treats. Unfortunately for me my first choice, Chez Dre was absolutely packed. I love the cafe but I seriously couldn't wait anywhere an hour for a table, plus the amount of whinging from people about the wait for a table was killing me.

I left South Melbourne market and hopped on a bus and made my way towards Kerferd Road. Jumping off the bus, I made my way to Truman's which is one of my favorite cafes. I secured myself a little spot in the back away from the hustle and bustle of the communal tables and ordered myself the Truman, which is my usual choice. Potato has, scrambled eggs, avocado, rocket, relish and toast. The perfect combination and with their amazing coffee, this definitely hit the spot. Unfortunately for all of us within the cafe, the power went out just after my food arrived. Not really the greatest thing to happen on a busy Sunday lunchtime.
After that I walked around Albert Park village and hit my usual favourites, Mecca Cosmetics and Avenue Bookstore. Avenue is one of the best bookstores I have come across and I love visiting it each week. Its got everything you need and if not - they will get it for you. Talk about great service.

The remainder of the day was spent doing much of the same, eating, drinking and reading. It was a great day and a rejuvenating one at that.


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