Sunday, March 24, 2013


I am sitting here on a Saturday afternoon, on my living room rug, flicking through the latest Financial Times Magazine and I am disappointed that despite being on the cover of the magazine, there really isn't much about Natalie Massenet in the accompanying magazine article. I do enjoy reading about her and find the whole operation at Net-A-Porter utterly fascinating. But anyhow, how can you be disappointed when a few pages beforehand you come across a lovely piece about Megan Hess and her involvement with Montblanc. For those of you that don't read the Financial Times Magazine every week (ahem), Montblanc have commissioned a series of limited edition drawings from Hess. Loosely depicting their various customer types, three of the five editions will be auctioned off, one at a UNICEF fundraiser in Australia later this year, and another two online, after being displayed in Montblanc's Australian stores from Mid-April. The final two pieces will find permanent homes in Montblanc's offices in Hamburg and Melbourne. They are, as always exquisite pieces.

One would think that someone like Hess, who is a wife and a mother of two young children would be busy enough with that project alone but Hess is a woman on the pursuit of world domination it seems. For a long time now Hess, has been working on a number of projects which are going to blow you away. A collection of images Hess has been working on over the years have now been collated into a beautiful coffee table book which every coffee table book lover needs to pick up. Drawing on her experiences working with Bergdof Goodman in New York, The Ritz Hotel in Paris and illustrating for labels and icons such as Laudree, Chanel Yves Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co., Hess has combined this love of fashion, design and interior design to create a book that not only celebrates the style of those such as Tamara Mellon and Tom Ford but also gives readers a hints and tips on how to choose paint colours, candle scents, wallpaper, drapery and the perfect resident pet for a fashion house. The book is a beautiful collection of thirty exquisite rooms and having had a preview copy sent to me by the beautiful author herself I have been drooling over rooms such as the Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford rooms. Now its just time to find the perfect house.

Another project that Hess has been working on has been her beautiful collection of scarves for New York institution Henri Bendel. I haven't been to New York in over 14 years. Crazy I know, but Henri Bendel is one of them stores that as an adult I would love to check out. Megan recently sat down with the team at Henri Bendel to speak about the collection. Below are just some of the highlights of the conversation but you check out the full interview here

On her holiday staples..........My staples are lots of scarves, a jeweled flat sandal, one killer pair of heels and a few favorite pieces of jewelery. Oh, and one really great book!

On her inspiration for each scarf..........I wanted each scarf to have its own look and unique story to tell, and each scarf to feel like you were escaping to another world whenever you wear it.

On who is the ultimate Bendel Girl..........To me, the ultimate Bendel girl is a very chic but relaxed at the same time, smart with a sense of humor, and a leader who lives a fabulous lifestyle.

For more information all things Megan Hess go to her official website or

Top image courtesy of Megan Hess Illustration Instagram.


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