Sunday, March 24, 2013


Here is a little story that might make you think 'awe this guy is seriously special' or 'awe this guy is super cool' or maybe a place somewhere in between that's considered normal. When I was young, I used to get these big A2 sketch books off my parents every so often. I was crazy about drawing. I would spend hours designing houses and not just the exterior of the house but also that of the interior and the street plan. I would imagine these little housing estates in my head and dream about the furniture I would put in each room and from an early age I learned that the idea of style is something deeply personal. This is especially true of the home. You cannot fake the way you live. Your home is a manifestation of the way you live and I choose to surround myself with the things that make me happy and mean most to me. I am sure most people think the same.

Now Its not all that often that I come across a piece of furniture that screams out to me but as I was browsing the net the other night, I came across this name that kept cropping up again and again. I don't own my own home (yet) but that doesn't stop me from browsing the net looking for inspiration for the day that I do own my own home. Where that will be, that's anyone's guess. But I did come across the most amazing stools and clock from an Aussie guy, Tate Anson. Anson studied furniture design and technology after finishing high school and if these two pieces are anything to go by the guy has a long career ahead of him. Anson recently spoke to BELLE magazine too and this is what he told the magazine about the concept for the Solaris clock and the Tryst stool.

Both are produced using the process of timber manipulation that I developed at RMIT. Using modern machining and traditional techniques like steam bending, I could stretch the material up to three times its original width and manipulate it into interesting forms. Solaris is made from a single piece of timber no bigger than this page (A4), bent into the 360-degree array that makes the clocks face.
Amazing work. Check out more from Anson at


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