Monday, March 4, 2013


Last Sunday I took a trip to St. Kilda to visit the new home of my friends Ben, Zach and Darkus. They used to live in the same apartment block as I do now but with two dogs and living in a two bedroom they needed more space and a change a scenery. St. Kilda is the opposite end of the bay to where I live in Port Melbourne. Its renowned for its Beach lifestyle and is as some might say the Melbourne equivalent to Bondi. Except that St. Kilda has much much more to offer than Bondi, which is for me very disappointing in terms as Bondi could be quite a spot if there were  more great cafes, shops and fashionable restaurants. All of which can be found in St. Kilda.

We were going to try one of our favourite breakfast places on Carlilise Street Batch, but I had seen this new place open up around the corner on Chapel Street called Garage Espresso and one of my good friends Nass had also recommended the place as she doesn't live too far from the cafe and I just knew from looking at it that I had to try it. We decided to check it out after a night out with some friends and all of us where really really looking forward to a some nice food. Sitting at the communal table, we were able to see the entire cafe. Its surprising small inside and I have heard that queues to get inside are common however this Sunday morning we must have walked in at a good time.

I ordered the scrambled eggs on multi-grain toast with feta cheese while Kevin ordered the avocado mash with chorizo. I was delighted with mine, it was perfect. eggs were perfectly scrambled. The eggs were really creamy and the toast was delicious, the feta dotted around the top of the dish added some zing to eggs. The coffees were beautiful, not my favourite in Melbourne but perfectly good. If the coffee was more like Batch or The Melbourne Bakehouse in Port Melbourne, the cafe would score ten out of ten.

We decided to head back towards Acland Street after our feed, ending up in the St. Kilda Botanic Gardens. It was amazing that somewhere so beautiful lay so close to our friends home and I couldn't get enough of the peace and quiet. This is the perfect spot for a picnic with friends.

Its the perfect spot on a Sunday for rest, recovery and total relaxation. Make sure to visit.


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