Friday, April 12, 2013


The more and more I try to find great affordable skincare around Melbourne, I am met with two options, go to Priceline and buy some supermarket brand that is not the best but does the job or hit Mecca Cosmetics and buy something that's just that bit too expensive but has a great reputation. I have pretty good skin at the moment and when I look after it, it can look amazing but when I abuse my body with caffeine, alcohol and processed junk - it can look bad, real bad.

So when I flew home at Christmas one of the shops I was really excited about hitting was Boots. I have been a fan of boots for years. They stock everything from their own home brand to YSL. They cover every price point and it would be impossible not to find something that fits your skincare needs. After some suggestions from my bestie, Eimear - I decided to pick up some products from the Una Brennan Superfacialist range - which is exclusive to Boots. I picked up the Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil, Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Cream Cleanser and the Superfacialist Neroli Super Lift Night Cream. Here is a little about these great products.

The facial oil is a nourishing pre-cleanse oil made from avocado and carrot oils which are both rich in vitamins and hydrating raspberry oil which is known for its high Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. The potent blend assists with the elimination of impurities from the skin while encouraging natural cell regeneration. Easily absorbed, it contains a soothing brown algae derived active and calming Calendula oil to meet the needs of even the most sensitive skins and leaves skin feeling cleansed and recharged. I usually rub this in for a few minutes to make sure it really does its work.
I then use the Superfacialist Rose Calming Creamy Cleanser, which is formulated with moisturising Shea and Cocoa butters plus Pro Vitamin B5 to remove debris and oils without drying the skin. Marshmallow and Allantoin are also in there for their gentleness further helping to soothe and restore the skin’s natural pH balance, so even the most sensitive skins are left feeling cleansed and hydrated. I, again rub this in for a good five minutes to make sure it does the business.

Finally Super Lift Night Cream is applied at the end of this routine every other night and works while you sleep to optimize cellular renewal and help radiance and skin youthfulness. The cream is made up of hyaluronic acid, peptides known for firming the skin and a rejuvenating Apple derived stem cell active ingredient  which helps to tone, retexturize and plump skin from the inside out.

The perfect trio of products for those looking for something affordable, reliable and luxurious.
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