Saturday, April 6, 2013


I love Sophie Dahl, some find her to be utterly annoying and a bit preachy but I think she is a very talented individual and her novel Playing With The Grown Ups is one of my all time favorite books. Dahl has now added another string to her busy bow (she's already a model, mother of two, TV cook and a published author) by collaborating with luxury cashmere brand Brora on their new collection.

To celebrate the label's 20th anniversary, Dahl has created The Lost Weekend, a capsule collection of thirteen pieces she has always been on the lookout for - such as an over sized cashmere cardigan that goes easily with a party dress, to a silk dress that's as effortless over a bikini as a pair of tights in winter, The one-time Yves Saint Laurent Opium model said she was "thrilled" about the opportunity to create her own line and the idea of this countryside inspired collection is right up Dahl's alley in my eyes.
Inspired by the likes of actress Brigitte Bardot, illustrations by Cecil Beaton and the 1930s, Dahl worked with Brora founder and creative director Victoria Stapleton to bring her influences to life.

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