Saturday, April 27, 2013


It was the book and film that invited so many people into the once private and exclusive circle known as the fashion industry. I remember reading the book myself during college. Studying literature at the time it was the book that drew my attention further to the wonderful world of magazines and I doubt there is a single person that didn't enjoy watching Meryl Streep play out the role of Miranda Priestly. Nearly a decade after it was first published, Lauren Weisberger is back doing what she does best by bringing those amazing characters to life once more. Get ready guys and girls.. Miranda Priestly is on her way back. But what is going to happen I hear you cry, who knows but rather than give you nothing, below is the blurb on Amazon about the book. It hit stores June fourth. Form an orderly queue please.  
Eight years have passed since Andrea “Andy” Sachs quit the job “a million girls would die for” working for Miranda Priestly at Runway Magazine—a dream that turned out to be a nightmare. Now Andy’s on the top of the world: she’s writing and reporting to her heart’s content; running The Plunge, her wildly successful high fashion bridal magazine with Miranda’s other ex-assistant, Emily; and most importantly, getting married to the scion of a storied media family and the love of her life.
But the night before her wedding, Andy can’t sleep. As happy as she is—as happy as she should be—she’s still haunted by the specter of her former boss. Maybe it’s survivor syndrome? Or maybe it’s justifiable, self-inflicted, paranoia. From the start, Andy and Emily have felt entitled to use their rolodex of contacts—Miranda’s contacts—from Runway as they make their way in the magazine world. As The Plunge succeeds, Andy and Emily realize they’ll soon come face to face with their former tormenter at industry functions, award ceremonies, and even weddings. Still, Andy can hardly anticipate the horrifying reality that’s approaching—a reversal so profound that she will be squarely in Miranda’s crosshairs once more.
Karma’s a bitch. And Andy’s efforts to build a bright new life have led her directly to the one she fled—and into the path of the Devil herself.


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