Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Education is a fundamental human right and an important asset for any young person and our upcoming generations. The new Signature For Good Collection from  Luxury brand Montlanc, with its symbolic brick motif, is designed to make a valuable and lasting contribution towards helping children learn how to read and write across the world.

Each piece of the collection has an individual number and by registering that number, one is able to monitor the progress of the initiative and learn how UNICEF is improving educational opportunities for children around the world. By purchasing any piece from the collection, you are making a valuable contribution towards building a better future, just like the motif along with Montblanc and UNICEF you are helping to brighten the lives of children, one by one or brick by brick.

For every piece in the Signature For Good collection sold between the first of March 2013 and the 31st March next year, Montblanc will donate a part of its proceeds to support the UNICEF education programme.

The new Signature For Good Collection builds on the brands heritage and presents unique versions of the platinum-plated LeGrand and Classique, each as a fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint pen. A blue Sapphire, echoing the colour of the UNICEF brand can be found on the cap of the pen, whilst a finely engraved symbolic brick motif pays tribute to the charitable initiative.

The jewellery collection was created using stainless steel and is made up of reversible cufflinks, bangles and key rings, once again echoing the brick motif which runs through the collection.

My favorite and I expect the same for many is the Signature For Good leather collection. Black Saffiano leather is used meticulously and each piece is produced by their master atelier in Italy. With its impeccable details, the collection is made up of a pen pouch, a wallet with a pocket book holder, a business card holder, a notebook and my favourite the notebook with its zip feature and inside the exclusive Signature For Good brick lining.

For those wanting to know a bit more about this amazing collaboration between Montblanc and UNICEF, check out Montblanc's website here.


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