Sunday, July 28, 2013


Not so long ago, Kate Moss arrived at The Ivy in Central London wearing a sassy black dress from Prada's autumn/winter 2013 range to unveil her latest collaboration, a sleek, stylish line of mobile phone and iPad accessories for British company Carphone Warehouse.

 While the new project may at first might seem an unlikely creative pairing, this is not the first time Moss has collaborated with a majorly successful brand such as Carphone Warehouse. This the third collaboration Moss has embarked on, the first being a four year stint with Topshop and a continued Longchamp collection of bags and accessories. 

 Prices start at £14.99 and an exclusive sale of the collection started for Carphone Warehouse Facebook fans on the 24th July.

 The woman could sell ice to the Eskimos, so if anyone can create and market a line of covetable mobile phone accessories than Kate the great can. 

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