Monday, July 1, 2013


It's really not surprising to learn that Tommy Hilfiger used to attend cape cod beach parties as a teenager. This type of carry on is practically a rite of passage for yuppie preppy types and its something that's very much ingrained into the cool Americana empire he has created. What most people might not know is Hilfiger is huge collector of modem art. Andy Warhol, Tracey Emin and Keith Harring are just three of the artists that spring to mind when I think back to a recent Harper's Bazaar story on his New York home and the extensive collection of art he owns. Hilfiger recently partnered with Art Production Fund, the public art non-profit run by NYC fashionistas Yvonne Force Vilareal and Doreen Remen. Mixing both his love of philanthropy and design, Hilfiger has released a new capsule collection called Surf Shack which includes limited edition boards customised by Montes Schnabel, Raymond Pettibon, Richard Phillips and Gary Simmons - selling for around $2,000. For those of who prefer to keep their feet on solid ground there is a 28 piece collection of separates and accessories also on sale.


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