Monday, July 15, 2013


Brunch, it’s the staple meal for any Melbournian on any given weekend. If you don’t brunch well then I seriously think there is something wrong with you. Personally it’s my favorite meal of the weekend and the ONLY thing that gets me through my MVP Fitness boot camp session every Saturday morning. Each and every Saturday post exercise, the boot camp gang and I head for brunch somewhere new or at one of our favorites. The thrill of somewhere new always excites us and living in Melbourne, there literally is a new cafe opening up each weekend. Here is the Wintour&Guinness guide on where to brunch in Melbourne. 

Code Black Coffee: I came across this place after asking one of my Instagram buddies @liamtyc (who is based north of the Yarra) where is good to go that side of the city. Code Black was one of his top picks and the rest they say is history. Housed in a former warehouse, Code Black Coffee is an amazing space. The decor, the seating arrangement, the menu - all get ten out of ten from me and I recommend everyone to make the trip to Brunswick to check it out. Personal favorites include the Gingerbread French Toast with poached plums and the avocado mash with goats cheese. 
Coin Laundry: Last week happened to be my birthday and to celebrate it I was whisked off for brunch by the other half. The challenge for me was where to pick from all my usual favorites? After much thought I decided to take the risk and try somewhere completely new. Coin Laundry, was the first cafe from the group who have brought us Station Street Trading Company in Port Melbourne and the newly opened Tall Timber in Prahan. Tucked away in the elegant suburb of Armadale, the cafe is positioned within a more residential part of the area giving it a more peaceful vibe than let’s say Tall Timber which is situated along Commercial Road. The menu has all the usual favorites but nothing about this place is usual, everything was incredible. 
Top Paddock: Situated on Church Street, mere moments from the hustle and bustle of Chapel Street, Top Paddock is the place du jour for those living in the Richmond vicinity. I decided to go here on the day after my birthday with a group of friends and although the service needs a lot of improvement (grumpy staff with major attitude issues - here's a tip - if you don’t like dealing with the public - don’t work in a cafe) the food is spectacular. I opted for the ricotta hotcake and if ever there was a dish I would happily live on for the rest of my life - it would be this. Rich, indulgent and utterly divine, the hotcake was like a giant pillow filled with berries and large pieces of ricotta. Other top picks would be the homemade sausage, the eggs Benedict with ham hock and make sure to check out the trout too. I heard great things about it. 

Balderdash: I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of the city which has lots to offer in terms of cafes, restaurants and bars and one of my favorites places to visit for coffee/brunch is Balderdash, its actually my favorite within Port Melbourne if I am being honest. The guys here have really created something special and walking in each morning for coffee or breakfast is a pleasure. Compared to the other cafes such as Grey & Bliss dotted along Bay Street, the team behind Balderdash show actual interest in giving the customer an experience. The food is amazing, the coffee is the best in the area and the staff are always friendly and attentive. What more could you want. This is my top pick for brunch.  


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