Sunday, July 14, 2013


Wednesday nights are usually reserved for, well pretty much the usual boring chores that everyone else would be doing. Hitting the gym, putting a load in the washer, whipping up a midweek feast and ummm.......watching Offspring before hitting my bed. Yes, Wednesdays are a very glamorous and exciting day of the week for me.

However last Wednesday was a Wednesday like no other. You see, I was one of a select few invited to the Montblanc boutique on Collins Street here in Melbourne for the official unveiling of The Montblanc Man. Designed and illustrated by fashion illustrator Megan Hess, The Montblanc Man is part of a collection of illustrations that Hess is producing in collaboration with the brand. A limited edition series of four prints will be released throughout the year, with the first having been unveiled in Sydney a few months back and a number of these prints will be auctioned off early next year with the proceeds from the sale going to UNICEF.

The evening began with One Night In Paris, a special cocktail which is served at The Long Room which is close to the Montblanc boutique. Arriving at the boutique, we were greeted by the Montblanc team headed by Leon Mervis and a lovely glass of Pommery Champagne. After mingling with some of the Montblanc team and the other guests, we were shown to our seats, were the entree was promptly brought out after an amazing performance from Soprano Stacey Alleaume. A dish made up of salt roasted beetroot, baked goats cheese, shaved asparagus, toasted sunflower seeds, soft herbs and a delicious vincotto dressing was presented and it really hit the spot what with the freshness of the asparagus and the creaminess of the baked cheese against the saltiness of the roasted beetroot. For main course we had roast lamb loin with a white bean paste, a green pea and broad bean braise, smoked tomato and a crisp ricotta and zucchini croquette. The croquette were deliciously smooth on the inside with the exterior firm and crisp to perfection. I could have eaten half a dozen of them they were that good.

We ended the meal with a special dish that was prepared by Pierrick Boyer. Boyer has a wealth of international experience when it comes to the world of desserts having worked alongside some of the world’s most internationally renowned chefs including Alain Ducasse, Pierre Marcolini and Stephane Lerous to name but a few. The Montblanc dessert was made up of a gluten free chestnut sponge base, a milk chocolate mousse, vanilla creme brulee, a raspberry cremeux, a scrumptious vanilla glaze and a smooth chestnut spread vermicelli. The result of which can be seen below. For me to describe the intricate detail of the dessert would not give the dish the respect it deserves. The ultimate sweet-tooth was very pleased. With a glass or two more of Pommery Champagne, the evening became somewhat of a musical chairs affair with everyone mingling and moving around the room and it was great finally to meet Nikita Papas who is the editorial/art director of Fashion Trend Australia magazine and Kate Burgess who is the marketing and PR Manager for Montblanc here in Australia.

A typical Wednesday this was not. Thank you Montblanc.


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