Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I keep promising myself (and my Sydney based friends) a trip up north one of these days. I mean my hesitation isn't one of dislike for the city. I love the city and would happily pack up and move there today - it's just a combination of many different things to be honest. Sydney, despite what people might say has a lot of soul and although us Melbourne folk (yes I do consider myself a Melburnian for the time being)  like to think we are living in the centre of culture, fashion and cuisine, Sydney has its own distinct style when it comes to those areas of interest. The breakfast/coffee  culture for me gets no better than a trip to Bills in Darlinghurst and fashion-wise, have you seem Westfield in the CBD or the Burberry store on George Street. They are incredible. 

Sydney style owes so much to the sea and this aesthetic also transpires into the home too. It's a lot more Australian than the European aesthetic that one sees in Melbourne and if ever there were an area that promoted such a wonderful Sydney aesthetic, it would be Palm Beach. Positioned north of the city, Palm Beach is the birthplace of Palm Beach Collection. With a wide selection of fragrances (including my personal fave Sweet Basil & Citrus) the company is predominantly known for producing hand-poured candles and reed diffusers, however the company is now launching a hand & body wash line.

I first came across the Palm Beach Collection when I was strolling through South Melbourne and upon smelling the Sweet Basil & Citrus candle, I knew I had found something special. The brand is an exquisite eco-friendly Australian lifestyle brand that suits those looking for seaside contemporary style. An entrepreneurial spirit and a shared love of Sydney's natural landscape inspired brother and sister Mike Grey and Kirsten Walker to develop a brand that encompassed the best of the idyllic beach side surrounds of Palm Beach where they grew up and where their parents still reside. 
Travelling the globe extensively to research and develop their ideas, the Palm Beach Collection range is luxurious yet affordable and can be found in many high end boutiques around the country. The new Hand & Body Wash is a due to hit stores in the next few weeks and I for one will be snapping a few bottles up the minute it hits the floor. 

For more information on Palm Beach Collection click here.


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