Friday, August 30, 2013


I am going through a real love phase with Melbourne at the moment. I suppose when you are foreign and have to deal with the odd bit of homesickness you can start to dislike the place where you're living when its actually nothing got to do with that place at all, however over the last few weeks Melbourne has really been surprising me. An area I am particularly fond of in Melbourne is Brighton. Situated south of the city along Port Phillip Bay, Brighton is one of the most affluent suburbs within Melbourne and is one of the few locations around Melbourne that Pressed Juices can be found. I had heard about Pressed Juices from a friend of mine, June and had had it on my list for awhile to visit. The store is positioned close to the corner of Carpenter Street and Church Street, right next to a small car park; perfect for those making a quick trip to the area.


Pressed Juices was founded on the principle that people need a simple, effective means of nourishing their bodies, relieving them from the stress of everyday life, and restoring themselves to a state of wellbeing. Said to be the healthiest way to drink juice, the cold press extracts juice through a high-pressure hydraulic press, capturing and preserving all the goodness of the enzymes, fruit sugars, vitamins and minerals of the fruit. While regular juices are blended and lose a great deal of their nutrients in the process, pressed juices are at their most raw, with their richest elements remaining. Customers can choose from over twenty varieties such as celery, cucumber, kale, lettuce, parsley, spinach, lemon, or watermelon, cayenne and lemon or my personal favorite, the Spiced Almond Milk which contains almonds, cardamom, cinnamon, dates, filtered water, nutmeg, sea salt and vanilla bean. They press all the juices with a top-of-the-range cold press, before bottling in the early hours of each morning ensuring that what you are buying is fresh and full of flavor. At around $9 per bottle, some would say that's a bit excessive but as an odd treat I highly recommend picking up a few bottles if you are considering a cleanse or just want a refreshing 'healthy' juice. The company has stores located in and around Melbourne and if like me and you are addicted to Instagram, check them out (@pressedjuices)

For more information check out their website HERE.


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